7 Free Money Apps for Frugal Living

Frugality is all about spending on what's important and getting the most value from your money. However, living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean taking drastic measures and spending all your free time searching for the best deals. 

But saving money should be a priority if you want to lead an economically secure and financially conscious life. 

With today’s technology and available resources, there are numerous ways to save time and money – including using specific money-making apps. From tracking your finances to finding online discounts, this blog's seven free money apps will help you journey to stress-free, frugal living!

Make Passive Income With Honeygain

Limiting your spending and saving money is one way to increase your overall savings. However, an even better way to live frugally is to diversify your income streams. 

Think about it – instead of worrying about where your dollars are going, you could add an income stream and spend more or put more money aside in your savings account.

Several apps allow you to earn free money online. With apps like Honeygain, you can increase your earnings with a few clicks. Honeygain is a great low-effort option for generating passive income online. By simply sharing your internet connection, you can earn money effortlessly. 

This app works on mobile data and your home Wi-Fi, making it incredibly convenient. If you want to increase your earnings with Honeygain, you can refer your friends for extra credits, participate in social media contests, and open up your Lucky Pot daily!

The app works in the background of your devices, so download it, run it, and watch your earnings increase alongside your quality of life.

Find the Best Gas Prices Near You With GasBuddy

The last few years have been challenging for those looking for cheaper gas prices. That’s where GassBuddy comes to help. This straightforward and easy-to-use app can save you so much money, whether staying local or traveling!

This app specializes in just one thing – finding the cheapest gas available in your area.

GassBuddy is available on iOS and Android, allowing you to save on gas from the comfort of your smartphone.

Create and Track Your Daily Budget With Mint

Maintaining a budget ensures smart spending and aligns your savings with future goals. Budgeting enables goal setting, prevents overspending, discourages risky spending habits such as impulse purchases, and offers various other benefits.

Tracking spending can be a love-hate relationship. While some enjoy it, others find it a tedious and stressful task. Thankfully, numerous apps handle the heavy lifting of organizing your expenses. 

You can effortlessly monitor your financial outflows and incoming funds with a glance. Many apps like Mint can help you keep track of your finances.

Compare Prices With Shop Savvy

The total amount of money you could save by comparing prices depends on many things, but on average, every person could save around £62.31 every time they go shopping without price comparison. 

Shop Savvy is an efficient barcode and QR scanner application. By scanning an item, you can effortlessly compare prices across nearby stores and the internet. 

This app simplifies in-store and online shopping by handling all the price comparisons, helping you save time and money. Perfect for savvy shoppers looking for great deals.

Find Coupons With the Coupons App

Alongside price comparisons, finding coupons is also a smart way to shop if you want to live a frugal life. While using coupons may not make you a millionaire, saving a few bucks each time you shop can really add up in the long run. 

A decade ago, you’d have to read newspaper articles and clip out coupons manually. Nowadays, being a couponer is easier than ever – apps like the Coupons App allow you to see all coupons available in stores nearby.

Easily organize coupons by relevance and expiration date on a personalized calendar, ensuring you get all the best deals. Display the coupon to the cashier at a participating store to redeem it hassle-free.

Make Shopping Online Cheaper With Honey

With more than 17 million members saving an average of £102 a year in savings, the Google Chrome extension Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards is an easy way to save money and earn rewards when you shop online.

This Google Chrome extension works on over 30 thousand websites, automatically finding and applying discounts when shopping online. To get started, visit the online store you’d like to shop. Honey will automatically inform you if better prices are available on the items you buy. 

First, it searches for cheaper options around the web. Then, it searches for applicable coupons and automatically applies the best deal for you, so you don’t have to calculate percentage discounts.

Finally, Honey gives you the latest information on price changes for your items so that you can decide if it’s a good time to buy or if you’ll save money by waiting.

Earn Free Gift Cards With Swagbucks

Who doesn’t love getting free gift cards? Swagbucks is the right app for you if you’d like to earn free gift cards without much effort. Swagbucks is an app that rewards users for connecting their accounts to routine services like Amazon. 

Alternatively, you’ll get rewards for playing mobile games, taking surveys, and browsing the internet. You can cash in these rewards for gift cards or pay out as cash through a linked PayPal account. Both iPhone and Android users can benefit from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks has been active since 2008, and App Store users have rated Swagbucks an average of 4.4 stars from over 87k reviews. 

Living a frugal life isn't for everyone, but it's worth exploring the benefits of these apps to see if they might work for you and your lifestyle. Now that you know about 7 top apps and how they can help you save money while shopping, why not try one? 

These apps are free, and most have unique features that make tracking more manageable than ever. So now is the time to download a few of these money-saving apps, set a budget, and start living a more frugal lifestyle! 

Some people will save just a few dollars each month, while others could easily save hundreds; it really depends on how much energy you put into utilizing these resources! Regardless of how much or how little you save, any amount that adds up over time is beneficial. Good luck!