6 Video Conference Apps That Aren't Skype

Skype may have been one of the first widely-used video conferencing apps, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

Skype offers a lot of great tools, excellent support from Microsoft, and HD video and audio, but many video conferencing tools have more features, greater security, and a better interface. If you’re interested in video apps that aren’t Skype, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a closer look at our six choices. Each of these apps offers HD video and audio, customer support, an affordable pricing package, and many other features that make them superior to your typical video conferencing software. Whether you’re a small business that’s only just mastering your internal communication, or a well-established corporation looking for something different, this list is for you.

1. Vast Conference

First on our list is Vast Conference, a company that offers a video conferencing app that’s both lightweight and easy to use. When it comes to mobile conferences, Vast leads the way with an excellent pricing structure to fit anyone’s budget, unbeatable HD audio and video feeds, calendar integration, screen sharing capabilities (even from mobile), and file-sharing capabilities. Can your conference calling app do all of that?

Vast’s pricing structure starts at just $11.99/user per month. You can host calls for up to 10 participants, unlimited calls, and online meetings. Packages range from the “Essentials” package mentioned above to more feature-rich packages such as the “Professional” package. You’ll get unlimited calls, interactive online meetings, large capacity calls, and all of Vast’s features for up to 250 participants.

If you’re looking for a new conferencing app, Vast is the one for you! Try it out today with a free trial and learn why Vast is so well-loved by its customers.

2. Zoom

You can’t mention video conferencing apps without mentioning Zoom. With millions of users, Zoom has exploded since quarantine guidelines went into effect, mostly because it offers a free option for personal use. With Zoom, you can host a video meeting for up to 100 people completely free of charge, but if you want Zoom’s best features, you’ll have to pay for them.

Zoom offers a few tiers of service, with the “Enterprise” (top-tier) package coming in at around $19.99/month per host. With this package, you’ll get the ability to host up to 500 participants (or up to 1,000 with Enterprise+), unlimited cloud storage, and more. Most people just go with the free option though, which offers some great features despite the lack of a price tag.

3. Uber Conference

Uber Conference is another free option with paid plans to choose from. Utilized by businesses and individuals alike, Uber Conference offers some of the same features you’ll see in service like Zoom. Share your screen during a meeting for greater collaboration, utilize voice transcription services for a written synopsis of the meeting, and even create your own custom hold music with Uber.

Uber Conference only offers two tiers of service, the first being the free package, which offers basic features for up to 10 participants. The second package, Business, comes in at just $15 per month per organizer and offers all of Uber’s best features.

If you need a lightweight and affordable video conferencing app, Uber works for both business and personal use.

4. WhatsApp

While you probably wouldn’t use WhatsApp to stay in contact with your employees, it’s a great free tool for reaching mom and dad or your best friend during social distancing. The app introduced a video calling feature in 2018, already featuring billions of users across the globe. With HD video and audio, an easy-to-navigate interface, and a price tag of $0 per month, WhatsApp is the simple solution to your personal video chatting needs.

You can get WhatsApp on both Google Play and the Apple store.

5. Google Meet

Google Meet was introduced by Google to compete with the likes of Zoom, and to great success. As one of the largest tech companies on the planet, we expect nothing less than the best from Google. Google Meet is great for both small and large businesses and offers some awesome features. The service is well-priced with three tiers of service.

The only catch to Google Meet is that you need to have a G Suite (Gmail) account to use it. For just $6 per month per user, you’ll get features like Gmail business email, 30GB cloud storage, Meet video conferencing capabilities, and much more. This is truly one of the best deals out there, don’t miss out!

6. Messenger Rooms

If you’re looking to host meetings for up to 50 people with an easily-accessible platform, Facebook’s Messenger Rooms app might be just what you’re looking for. With social distancing in place, the world’s largest social media company had to get on board with video chatting options. The response was Messenger Rooms, which is a free tool that anyone can use.

Both businesses and individuals alike are utilizing Messenger’s new feature during quarantine to stay in touch. With basic features, you won’t get the same feature-rich experience as you would with Vast or G Suite, but its simplicity is what some prefer about the app.