6 Frugal Tech Tips: How To Declutter And Speed Up Your IPhone

If you are experiencing frustrating connection drops, longer load times, and slow upload and download speeds on your iPhone, these symptoms can be caused by several factors, including insufficient memory, apps functioning in the background, or outdated software. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of 6 tips to enhance the speed of your iPhone.

1. Change the Settings of Default Apps

As there are more than 1.5 billion iPhone users in the world, many of them wonder how they can make the most out of their devices. When decluttering your phone, reviewing your iTunes syncing settings is a wise move. This is particularly important if you've opted for non-default applications and want to learn how to organize phone space. Similarly, it's important to take a look at the default apps such as calendars, email, and contacts to ensure efficient syncing. Uncheck unnecessary boxes to speed up the process. For instance, if you don't use the default calendar, there's no need to sync it each time you plug in your phone. This applies to Safari bookmarks, contacts, and mail as well.

2. Free Up Some Space

In the event that you have not cleared your browsing data in quite some time, your Safari experience may not be optimal. You need to navigate to Settings > Safari and select Clear History and Website Data. For the purpose of conserving memory on your device, consider backing up any important information to a cloud-based storage service. It is advisable to identify the areas of highest memory usage, such as photos, documents, music files, and videos, and move them to a cloud-based storage service instead of keeping them on your phone.

If you take pics often, you might wonder: "How to clean up my phone quickly?" To remove excess photos in camera apps, simply navigate to the app and delete them. However, when it comes to Twitter, the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app. This process will reduce usage to approximately 10 MB, although it will gradually increase over time.

3. Uninstall the Applications That You Don't Use

Numerous iPhone users face the issue of app addiction. To tackle this, we have suggested a couple of ways to declutter your app usage such as creating a "most used" page and a "holding bin" page to try new apps. If you're in the habit of constantly downloading and trying out multiple apps every day, it's advisable to review the apps on your home screen closely and delete the ones you don't prefer. This will help free up storage space and simplify your home screen with a single step.

For iPhone users, it's possible to keep track of how much they've used an app over the past week by checking their battery usage and navigating to the settings section. 

If you want to clean up more memory on your device, you can also use some dedicated tools. With Cleaner for iPhone decluttering your phone has never been easier. Effortlessly eliminate duplicate photos and clean up memory with a few taps, courtesy of our cleaning feature. Another smart cleaning technique is to optimize the efficiency of contacts using the Organize Contacts feature, which allows you to merge duplicates and complete missing information. Additionally, say goodbye to vexing ads with the Ad Blocker feature. You can also recover files free of charge if you delete something by mistake. 

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4. Use Streaming Platforms

According to some estimations, 49% of smartphone owners in the U.S. have iPhones. Many of them listen to music online. When utilizing a music streaming service, there is no need to clutter your phone with MP3 files. The majority of desired music is accessible on these services, with Spotify being a top choice due to its free version. With a profusion of music, recommendations, and additional features, MP3s will not be missed. 

The benefit of streaming lies in its ability to eliminate the need for additional storage on your phone, which can evoke some unfamiliar feelings, especially for those who grew up buying physical albums. Although you may not “own” the music, it is readily available on your phone for your convenience.

5. Organize Your Home Screen

Besides using these techniques, you can also improve your iPhone's organization by prioritizing the apps you use the most on your home screen and dock. Limit the number of apps on your home screen to 6-9 and place your top four frequently-used apps in your dock. Reserve secondary and tertiary screens for less frequently used apps. This method streamlines your device's interface without sacrificing easy accessibility to all your apps.

6. Organize Applications

To better organize your phone, consider creating separate folders for frequently used apps versus those used less often. Transfer the latter to a different screen to declutter and maintain accessibility. Additionally, on your iPhone, utilize emojis to designate folders for specific purposes such as health and fitness apps or communication tools. This not only adds visual appeal but also makes app filing a more enjoyable task with a variety of cute emojis to choose from.

For those who don't use folders, an effective alternative is organizing apps alphabetically. It's a simple and efficient approach - some Android phones naturally arrange apps this way already. Another option is to group apps by color on your screen. This method is perfect for visual learners and those who recognize apps by their icons. It's a visually stimulating and rapid way to locate apps.

In summary

iPhones require minimal maintenance. However, the rapid accumulation of data on hard drives often leads to problems. It is important to remember that a hard reset can significantly enhance the speed of your iPhone when performing other cleaning tasks. Achieving optimal storage space and a clutter-free home screen on your iPhone is a breeze with the right strategies and tools. Experiment with alternatives like streaming platforms instead of MP3 files, implement efficient home screen organization, and create custom folders to streamline app management. In the rare instance of persisting sluggishness, a hard reset can be utilized to restore optimal speed and performance. By dedicating even a short amount of time, you can maintain your iPhone's organization and productivity levels.