5 Ways Plastic Cups Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is a key part of running a successful business. Even if your product is fantastic, you’ll have a hard time getting by if nobody knows about your brand. Promotional marketing is a great way to expand your brand awareness while building customer loyalty, and plastic cups are one of the best items to use in this type of campaign. Here are just five key ways that plastic cups can boost your brand awareness: 

1. Expose New People to Your Brand

When people drink from plastic cups, they tend to pay close attention to how the cup’s design looks. If you add your brand to a plastic cup, alongside your contact information and some fun info about your business, you can make your brand seer itself into the drinker’s memory. There are lots of opportunities for your cup to fall into the hands of a potential new customer if you send your promotional plastic cups far and wide. The more widespread you can make these plastic cups in the area you’re doing business in, the better, so be sure to think of everyone you can reasonably send them out to. That being said, make sure to avoid sending them out too frivolously, so you can ensure you’re spending as little as possible to reach new customers and unlock new sales. 

2. Associate Your Brand with Fun

If you design your plastic cups to be both fun and informative, people will have a kinder, more rewarding opinion of your brand. There are lots of ways to make your design pop, so be sure to take plenty of time during the creative process to ensure your cups hold this important quality. If your plastic cups are used at parties and get-togethers in the future, people will begin associating your business’s brand with fun and good times. By making your plastic cups durable, you’ll ensure they inspire this effect for a long period (giving you tons of bang for your promo marketing buck as a result). 

3. Increase Customer Loyalty 

Promotional gifts are often used to help boost customer loyalty, and to inspire newfound loyalty in customers as well. Plastic cups are an incredibly useful gift to receive, as everyone can always benefit from having more drinkware to use. Especially if the people you’re marketing to have families, or are socialites, they’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of the free plastic cups they’re receiving. Just make sure you design your plastic cups to either be cool or family-appropriate depending on who your target audience is. As is the case with all other marketing efforts, promo marketing is only successful if you truly know your audience. 

4. Generate Brand-New Sales

With tons of plastic cups bearing your brand, contact info, and personality out in the public sphere, the chances you’ll create for people to reach out to your business will skyrocket. Remember, the main goal of any marketing campaign is to ultimately produce a higher number of sales, and promo marketing is ideal for reaching this crucial goal. With your contact information out there for anyone to access IRL, you’ll make it much more likely that you’ll receive brand-new customer leads and inquiries. You can even add a QR code to your plastic cup design to make it that much more convenient for tech-savvy customers to reach out to your business. 

5. Promote Your Social Media Profiles

A lot of customers now find the majority of their products and services online. Many of them even search out businesses exclusively on social media. Taking advantage of this trend is crucial if you want to succeed in today’s economic landscape, so adding your social media profiles to the designs of your plastic cups is essential (and you can once again use QR codes to simplify this process even further). The more followers you amass, the more opportunities you’ll have to make everyone in your community astutely aware of how amazing and valuable your business’s products and/or services are.

Become a Part of Your Customers’ Daily Lives 

As customers enjoy using your plastic cups, they will slowly begin associating your brand as a valuable part of their day-to-day lives. Even with other types of promotional marketing gifts, you can unlock this valuable marketing effect. Simply put your creativity to the test and consider all the ways you can use promo marketing to your advantage. If you do so successfully, you’ll find your business reaching new heights, and generating sales on a level that you never thought possible.