4 Ways to Create Memorable Marketing Content

To say that online consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising material would be an understatement.

Indeed, thousands of businesses across myriad industries spend huge amounts of capital to create digital marketing and advertising content every day. As such, it’s probably not a surprise that many consumers have become desensitized to many marketing tactics online. This, unfortunately, can make it difficult for a new or growing company to increase brand awareness. On the plus side, there are steps you can take to generate marketing material that will resonate with your customer base. Many businesses take advantage of this by investing in an award winning marketing agency to broaden their presence the right way.

Prioritize Headlines

Headlines are the first –– and often the only –– aspect of marketing content that many consumers encounter. Whether you’re posting a blog, composing an email, or even writing an ad, make sure that the first thing a consumer sees will get their attention. No, it’s not a good idea to use misleading headlines as a  form of click-bait.

Misleading or plain inaccurate headlines can actually cause consumer backlash against your organization. Rather, write clear, concise, and interesting headlines that relate to the subject at hand.

Utilize Images

A picture really is worth a thousand words. If, for instance, you’re trying to promote a new luxury resort that’s opening up on Miami Beach, then it would be silly not to include numerous photos and images of the area. Keep in mind that virtually every business can use visuals to increase the quality of their marketing content. Consider this blog from Northwest Surgery Center that contrasts pictures of patients’ feet before and after  bunion surgery. A picture doesn’t exactly have to be beautiful to connect with a consumer.

Do Something Unexpected

Marketing content is rarely funny, risque, or unique. Most of the time, marketing professionals at digital agencies would rather go with a “safe” campaign that won’t create waves. The bad news is that while typical marketing content isn’t likely to cause a company any trouble, it’s also not going to generate much buzz either. So if you want to create marketing content that actually resonates with consumers, you’re going to need to do something unexpected. Obviously, take care not to include offensive or inappropriate material within your content. Still, doing something off the wall can really give your company an awareness boost.

Repeat It

Even the most successful marketing campaigns may still take months to deliver meaningful results. Business leaders must be patient when they create new marketing material, and they shouldn’t be afraid to repeat concepts they feel are important. Often, consumers need to hear and digest a message several times before they begin to act on it.

Thankfully, a little patience can lead to big rewards if you develop the right marketing strategy.