What Features Do You Want With Your Temporary Office Rental?

You need temporary office space for a week or two.

That calls for taking a look at what sort of space is current available. You’ll find that Agileoffices.ca office space for rent comes with a range of amenities that will meet your needs. As you consider different options, make sure that the following features are included.

Reception Support

A reception area is a must if you plan on having any clients stop by. A receptionist can greet your guest, let you know that the client has arrived, and basically ensure that the client is comfortable while you make your way to the reception area.

A receptionist can also answer inbound calls for you and ensure they are routed to your temporary office line. That helps to add another touch of professionalism to the setup, something that’s especially helpful if you expect calls from prospects that you’ve been attempting to reach.

Internet Access

While this is a given in many office rentals, not every facility provides access to the Internet. Don’t assume that it’s included. Make sure that as a temporary tenant, you will be able to make use of the network that’s already in place. That will mean you don’t have to bring along any special equipment to create your own hotspot. Instead, you get to settle into your temporary office, turn on your device, and access the network using the temporary codes that you received at the time the space was reserved.

Use of Basic Office Equipment

While the need may not be dire, it’s nice to know that you have access to basic office equipment other than what you bring along. For example, you may only need access to a copy machine once or twice, but it’s great to know there’s one down the hall. The same goes with fax machines; while they don’t see the use that they did in times past, there are still times when being able to send a fax could help with a pressing client matter.

The Opportunity to Reserve a Conference Room

This is another option that you may not envision using but end up needing anyway. Along with your office space, having access to an Agile meeting room will come in handy if a client wants to meet with you and possibly go through some type of implementation training for using one of the products that you sell. In many cases, it’s possible to reserve a conference room for a time frame ranging from an hour to a couple of days. If there’s already a conference room in the facility where you rent the temporary office space, reserving that room will be all the easier.

There will likely be some other perks that you will want to consider. Some of them may have to do with the office proper while others may focus more on the location and what the local business district has to offer. Make a list of what matters most to you and concentrate on finding spaces that provide all or most of what you want. Doing so will make it all the easier to get the most from the temporary space and know where to turn the next time you need space for a short amount of time.