High potential employees- their identification and development

The high potential employees in an organization are well known to provide more than 90% value towards the operations of an organization.

These kinds of people are considered to be highly valuable in comparison to the non-potential workers. These kinds of individuals can very effectively raise the performance of other workers as well with the help of proper motivation and guidance that will ultimately help in adding the effectiveness of the team working in an organization.

But nowadays a lot of businesses struggle a lot in terms of high potential identification of the employees. The main issue faced by all such people is that they are unable to retain such employees in the organizations and as a result when such employees do not feel valued, they do nothing but simply shift in the competitor’s companies. A lot of companies have a very wrong perception of the concept of high potential and they think that high performance means high potential. On the other hand, there is a very important need to deal with all such issues effectively and with proper as well as in-depth analysis. The organizations and people in authority must go with the option of relying on all those people who have the future leadership potential so that they can positively contribute towards the success of the organizations. Considering the high potential employees should be a very basic activity of the strategy formulation in the business organizations at all levels and all the departments.

Most of the businesses are also confused about why they should have the high potential employees in their organizations and for this purpose they must go with the option of having the ability advancing up the ranks. The one who wants to climb the ladder of success has to prove his worth in the terms of positive contribution towards the organizations. The high potential can be termed as the ability and concept that deals with building and leading those teams that can outperform the whole competition. This is considered to be the best possible way of dealing with the concept of successive leadership. The exact details about the concept will vary depending upon the organizations and their culture. The people who can drive the performance faster and have the abilities to be a senior manager must be moved to the top of the organizations.

Following are some of the tips to identify the high potential employees:

1. The company must go with the decision to establish several criteria that will help in defining the explicitly along with the achievements and the key performance indicators in an organization.

2. The company should also have some of the objective and reliable methods that will help in assessing the performance so that everything is transparent and the company has a complete idea about the output.

3. The people in authority in any of the organizations should also have the complete development-based support so that they can meet all the targets very well and their skills, as well as abilities, are given a boost through training which is specific as well as adequate.

4. The companies should not only focus on the past and past related activities rather the main focus should be on the present performance and future goals. The personality of the people is considered to be a very good indicator of the potential of an employee for a new role in any of the organization especially all the areas that deal with the management of the people and other related things.

5. The companies should also consider the ability of the people regarding the degree to which they can manage their careers and can provide rewarding deals to the organizations in which they are working. In generic terms, this means to identify all those people who are responsible and good organizational citizens.

6. The emergence of leadership is another thing which has to be considered here in this point so that such people can always stand out from the crowd and can maintain highly strategic relations on the part of the business. It also helps in exerting the influence as such people will be viewed as leaders of the future.

7. The effectiveness of the leadership has also to be considered so that the people can build as well as maintain the teams with high-performance standards and collaboratively can drive them towards the success of the organization.

Following are some of the most common traits of the people with high potential:

Ability: All such people have a great power of leadership that will very well allow them to undertake and execute all the tasks that involve strategic as well as cognitive thinking. This is a very positive thing for organizations in the long run. This has a direct link with having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Social skills and abilities: This deals with employees who can manage themselves in society and can work with a high level of dignity as well as integrity. This is directly linked with handling pressure situations and undertaking the most constructive deals.

Drive among people: This can be very easily assessed with the help of standardized tests so that people can achieve a high level of motivation all the time. It can also be termed as the willingness to say yes to things and being eager for more of the responsibility.

Development of such employees:

Many of the organizations pay very less or almost no attention to all such things and the most important thing that matters here is the potential. Each of the leaders in this world needs some amount of development and for this purpose; the organizations must have proper plans and strategies for all such employees which can include several activities for them. This can include arranging seminars, webinars, training programs and several other things so that all such employees remain up to date and always ahead from the competition and all other peers.

Hence, the high potential identification process must be well performed so that employees are retained and continue to provide the best possible value for an organization.