Why Life Insurance is a Must in Your Early 20’s

A life insurance policy is one that pays a beneficiary a large sum of money as a result of the death of the policyholder.

A life insurance policy can be very beneficial for many reasons and can be a huge asset to your family. An unexpected family member’s death can be devastating, and adding to the devastation, it can financially ruin that person’s remaining immediate family.

Life insurance policies can be worth millions, so it is important to find the best policy for you. You should find the one that is worth the most but has the most agreeable and affordable monthly repayments, and one that does not break the bank. Here is why a life insurance policy is an absolute must in your early twenties.


You are essentially guaranteed a life insurance policy should you want one in your early twenties (providing you are of good health). As you get older, you are less likely to be able to take one out, and more likely to be refused. There is no such thing as guaranteed life insurance for seniors, however, there is for young adults. Providing you have the income to support monthly repayments on a life insurance policy, then you should take one out as soon as you are in good health and have dependents. It will protect your entire family in the years to come. You may find in a few years that you will no longer get a good deal, and this could impact your family negatively.


You should prepare for death at any age. It is, unfortunately, unavoidable, and something that will follow us around every single corner. If you are not prepared for death and do not have safeguarding measures in place for your dependents, then you have been wasting time. While we should not, of course, go through our entire lives in a melancholic stupor expecting imminent death, we should be cautious and aware that it is a concept that is ever-present, and one we will, inevitably, have to come to terms with. Taking a life insurance policy out protects you and your dependents and reinforces the fact that you must enjoy your life while you live it, as it will not last forever.



As we grow older, we are more likely to take out a mortgage. You can take out a life insurance policy with a mortgage stipulation that in the result of your death your entire mortgage is paid off. This means that anyone who relies on you or lives in the same household as you will be able to inherit your home debt-free.


The comfort of knowing that after your death that your family will be looked after is one that we can all understand. We incessantly worry about our families even in the best of times, so how will they manage when their sole provider is absent? That is, undoubtedly, the best part of taking out a life insurance policy.

Now you know several reasons to take out a life insurance policy in your twenties when it is undoubtedly the easiest. A life insurance policy is a huge asset and can be a great way to create generational wealth if you otherwise come from a family without it.