Game-Changing Eyewear Trends To Look For In 2020

One can’t overlook the importance and impact of a good accessory when we are talking about fashion.

Looking for the latest Gucci Sunglasses? Just one small thing, like eyewear, can completely change the overall look by contrasting it, or, on the other thing tying the whole look together. On that note – let’s talk about the biggest eyewear trends that you need to know about in 2020.

Bold sporty frames

First on the list are big sporty frames, coming back into 2020 right from the ‘90s! They are bold, not so old to be called fully retro, but they definitely do make a statement. And yes, we are talking about those glasses that look like both a guy on a rave during the ‘90s could have worn just as easily as the guy that has gone mountain biking. Even the Kardashians and Paris Hilton have picked up on this trend recently. They come in multiple different colors, but let’s cover the three most popular ways to go with these glasses, and if you want to see the whole range and learn more than just our three picks, you can always research more. The first one is fully black, both glass and the frame, and this maybe sounds like an easy way to go, but, trust us, it doesn’t fail to make a statement, being both bold and yet a bit subtle, and it’s overall a great choice. The second one, metallic colors, shiny reflective glass! This one’s definitely a lot less subtle, and if pulled out properly, you’ll be noticed from miles away, and for all the right reasons. The last one, matte colored frames, perhaps baby blue or bright red, with black glass. This one is kind of the combination of the previous two described types.

Oddly shaped frames

Now, this is a fun one! You have all the freedom in the world these days when it comes to frames, so, have fun with it, experiment. Although this style is a bit bolder than your average one, and hence can’t be applied to your average walk to the grocery shop on a Tuesday afternoon, it is something that will give you so many great variations when it comes to going out. But also, since the point of oddly shaped frames is to be odd, why not experiment and wear them on different occasions? The options are practically endless – small round frames, flame-shaped frames, dramatic, cat-eye frames, and so much more.

Different colored glass

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Now we have mentioned different glass colors when we were talking about sporty glasses, but we have to put this in a category on itself since it’s really a game-changer. Imagine any glasses, literally any kind, and then imagine them again with red glass. Or yellow, or pink! Every color that is there is yours to play with. It adds a whole other aspect when it comes to eyewear, making them a statement, and not just a follow up to the clothing.

In the end, while being trendy is always fun, remember that being unique and trying out something entirely different is exactly the thing that started all the trends that already exist. So, on that note, whatever you wear, have fun with it.