How Going to the Gym Helps You Succeed

We all want to be happy and to do well in life.

If I asked you to write down how you wanted to succeed, it would include short term and long term goals, and perhaps even just feeling better about yourself. Sometimes a bit of lateral thinking is useful. You might say you want to succeed in studying, and remember more of what you read. You might want to feel less freaked out under pressure or more motivated generally.

If I were to suggest you went to the gym, you might respond with ‘how is that anything to do with it?’ In modern times the word ‘holistic’ has become quite fashionable. We have come to discover that we might be academic, but we are not just a brain. We might like being outdoors, but we also have an intellect. This article will strike at the heart of things – our level of fitness physically and mentally, and our general health. We will feel better in every way, then success can be sure to follow – whatever we do.


You may start going to the gym for your general health or to feel better about yourself. It might begin as a chore and become a joy. The rush of chemicals you experience is like a drug that makes you feel happy and positive. You wish you could go more. Some people take it to the next level and create their own gym at home or even begin a business. One of the first obstacles you need to overcome for the latter is finding the capital, and fortunately, there are helpful websites online. The experts don’t just provide a list of possible funding sources but give you the pro’s and con’s so you go into this with eyes wide open. You can ensure the funding and the gym are tailored to what is right for you.


It’s common for people to struggle to have a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to use alcohol at the end of the day to help you drop off. It’s not hard to be dependent on sleep medication from the doctor. Interestingly, going to the gym several times a week can be just as effective. It’s a far healthier way of dealing with the issue.


Regular exercise can help you think better. The growth of your brain cells is stimulated as a direct result. Your memory will also improve – that’s essential for all students!

going to the gym


Exercise can be as effective as sleep medication, as we have discussed. It can also be effective at tackling small to medium levels of depression. Tests monitored people who ran for a quarter of an hour each day. A quarter less of them struggled with depression than people not taking exercise.

ADHD is a real battle for some as they struggle to be motivated and focus. The world offers drugs like Adderall and Ritalin to tackle it. All medication has its side-effects. Three chemicals in our bodies are boosted when we exercise, which are related to maintaining attention: dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Stress is a global pandemic – it was here before the COVID virus. How often have you heard people say ‘I’m stressed out and I can’t calm down’! The good news is that you can go to the gym and afterward, all your muscles will be relaxed. This will help you relax emotionally too.

If someone experiences an extremely emotional event, it imprints itself upon their subconscious. The memories are branded into their system and as a result, people react adversely when confronted with anything similar. A sexually abused person might react to a sex scene on television, or an ex-soldier might freak out when they hear a gunshot. PTSD and trauma are big challenges for some. Mindfulness is not just an exercise you can do whilst sitting down in silence. If you go to the gym and focus on your body and how it feels in every part – each limb and each muscle – it will help dislodge you emotionally from acquired stress responses.


You knew this was coming, didn’t you? The dividends are great when we invest in staying fit. Our sex lives are improved. Four thousand steps daily on a treadmill can reduce the risk of strokes. We can halve the chances of us having a heart attack, and increase the oxygen supply to our heart. We feel powerless when we read that a quarter of mankind dies from cancer. Fortunately, many types are preventable. We can stay well with regular exercise, a healthy diet, no smoking, sleeping well and taking alcohol in moderation.

Boxing and martial arts don’t just keep you fit – they improve your knowledge of self-defense.  That’s a real benefit, particularly when you are going somewhere on your own or feel vulnerable as a female.

Life needs to begin from a good place. Eat and drink healthily, and keep going to the gym. You’re far more likely to stay fit and well, and you’ll even reduce the effects of aging. Whatever you turn your attention to will benefit, whether it’s outdoor sports or even studying for a degree. Do you have emotional battles and sleep problems? Your body wants to help you. All you have to do is steward it by keeping fit.