Can You Sue a Big Pharma Company and Win?

Deciding to take legal action against a big pharmaceutical company requires painstaking research and careful deliberation.

Big pharmaceutical companies are fearful opponents, and they will out finance and outgun you. Their legal teams will likely be some of the best attorneys in the country, and they will invest however much money is necessary into making your claim go away. With all of this in mind then, we can see that it is no small feat to go up against big pharma. Still, notwithstanding, if you have experienced a negative drug reaction, or have had a side effect that was not listed, you should fight them tooth and nail.
You will likely be able to find a team of personal injury lawyers who will aid you in your claim and will be able to assist you in pursuing compensation and justice. When you believe you have been the victim of big pharma negligence, you should waste no time in pursuing legal action, and should find the best-reviewed and most professional legal team you can. You do not want to take a team of amateurs up against a faceless behemoth like big pharma. Here is how you can sue a big pharma company and win.

Defective and Dangerous Drug Attorneys

When you are making a claim against a big pharmaceutical company, it is crucial you find a professional and experienced lawyer, who has a history of dealing with defective and dangerous drug cases. An example of a defective and dangerous drug case is the Valsartan scandal, which has seen millions in compensation issued to victims of this heinous drug.
Valsartan is a drug designed to relieve hypertension and lower blood pressure, and while millions of Americans use it safely, some generic brands contain chemicals that have proven to be the catalyst for some forms of cancer. If you have experienced these Valsartan side effects, you should contact a lawyer immediately, and if you have been diagnosed with a form of cancer following your Valsartan use, you should pursue a legal claim. A professional lawyer will be able to help you maneuver through a claim against big pharma, and hopefully will be able to provide you compensation and resolution.
These claims are often not successful however, as the U.S. Supreme Court have introduced laws to remove the liability of generic pharmaceutical brands, but a claim is still worth pursuing.


What Will the Outcome Likely Be?

Should you decide to pursue a claim against a big pharmaceutical company, and providing your legal team are experienced professionals, and of course, providing you have sufficient evidence, you stand a good chance of some compensation. While in the last paragraph it was briefly mentioned that the U.S. Supreme Court does not hold generic pharmaceutical companies liable, that is only a problem if it gets there. Many cases will not reach that stage, with many being dealt with in a lesser court, and many more being dealt with in an out of court settlement.
Big pharmaceutical companies will likely pursue you for an out of court settlement, even if there is a strong likelihood that they would defeat you in court. This is because they simply do not want the negative attention drawn to their brand and would rather pay out a considerably small payment compared to the losses in profits they would experience if the claim was publicized. Any claim made against big pharma that reaches the courtroom is likely to achieve front-page news, and all of the users of the drug in question, will likely throw it away and find a substitute.

How Can I Win?

Winning against a big pharma company, as previously mentioned, is quite easy, depending on what you consider as winning. Achieving an out of court settlement is certainly the easiest way to receive compensation, and the sum may be significantly less than you could theoretically be issued in court, but then you risk leaving with nothing at all, which is why many accept the settlement to begin with.
Your legal team will be able to thoroughly advise you on the best course of action in these circumstances. Still, if you decide to pursue it all the way to court, you must ensure your case is a strong one.

Provide Hard Evidence

A small undocumented injury is unlikely to win. You need hard medical evidence from professional doctors and medics who can verify your claims of ill health as having been caused by the drug in question. Hire a team of investigators to thoroughly examine your case for you.
If you want to go up against big pharma, be prepared for a tiresome battle. They will discredit you, pursue you, and harass you. You must be strong-hearted and go into it with all of your might. Your legal team will be able to advise you properly, and they are perhaps the most important component of this. Pick them effectively.