What Are the Health and Safety Responsibilities of Employers?

In the workplace an employer must exercise regulations of health and safety down to a tee.

If you should hurt yourself and it is not your fault in the workplace, then employers will be liable and held accountable for the injury, and often will be forced to pay out a very large sum of money by way of compensation. You will often be given a significant period of time off of work paid, and in the end receive a large payout.

The Duty of Care Employer’s Have

With this in mind, employers are often borderline obsessive when it comes to workplace safety nowadays, constantly reminding you of the guidelines and deriding you if you fail to meet company standard regulations. If you have been the victim of negligence in your workplace, it is imperative you find the website of a potential no claim solicitor who will be able to address your query immediately. As an employer it is their responsibility to maintain your safety and protection for as long as you are in the office or place of work.

They are your legal guardian and should any harm befall you, your line manager and his supervisors will undoubtedly be held entirely accountable, if it was their fault that is: an example of this is that if you came into work drunk and fell down the stairs, they would not be accountable. However, if you came into work and the stairs were wet without a sign to warn you of the slippery floor, they would be held accountable and you would be able to sue them for an exorbitant amount of money.

As your employer, they must take complete care and exercise control over every single aspect of your workplace and make sure that they are aware of any possible hazards and address these hazards accordingly, whether that be with a sign or by an email notifying employees. Ordinarily, however, it will be signposted. There are strict government guidelines that regulate how employers exercise, health and safety regulations in the workplace and not only will they be sued, they could be prosecuted for negligence and not adhering to the aforesaid guidelines.

What Are Some Situations Your Employer Could be Held Accountable?

There is an abundance of theoretical workplace accidents; we will go through a few of them now, so you understand your rights and what is considered as breaking the health and safety guidelines.

If a floor is damp and slick with water and there are no signposts stating this, then you fall and hit your head, this is a clear case of management negligence If there is a jagged piece of metal protruding from the wall or from a shelf and you walk past and cut yourself, then this is another case of harm caused in the workplace for which your supervisors would be completely culpable. A third scenario is that a fire breaks out in your workplace and the sprinklers and alarm system is not working, this would be massive gross negligence and you would be awarded a considerable sum of money. However, the last scenario in our day and age is very unlikely which is why employers often run fire drills to reaffirm to you that they are very much on top of things and that the safety systems incorporated are completely functional.

What Happens If I Am A Victim of Workplace Negligence?

Thankfully, there is no shortage of no claims solicitors available on the internet and in phone books whose sole purpose is to deal with claims that are launched against negligent employers and companies who have not enforced standards registered by health and safety guidelines.

Frequently employers become lazy and do not carry out the checks that are suggested by regulatory commissions and this is often when the biggest mistakes and worst accidents happen. If you have been the victim of a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault it is advised that you get into contact with a solicitor immediately so not to wait past the statute of limitations for accidents of this nature. If you have been crippled or wounded severely, then a massive lawsuit will commence and you often will be offered an out of court settlement.

broken cleaning in progress yellow sign on the floor

If you have just been the victim of a minor injury you will still be offered a settlement, just worth less. You will be given paid leave and remain out of work for the duration of your claim against your employer. As with the last scenario, most workplace injuries are settled out of court, quite quickly too. Many companies would rather pay more than they would in court to  have the case dismissed. Outstanding cases are never good for business. If you have been the victim of negligence, contact a solicitor as soon as you can.