What Makes a Good Air Mattress?

With all the upgrades and constant innovations in the bedding market, one can find almost everything that will ensure we get a relaxing and comfortable sleep each night.

When it comes to having guests over, whether they are yours or your kid’s friends, you will probably want to ensure they have the best night’s sleep. During those times, an air mattress is an ideal option, especially if you don’t have much space.

If you have never heard the term before or do not know what exactly an air mattress is, this guide will help you get to know what it is and how you can pick the right one.

What is an air mattress?

An air mattress or an air bed is an inflatable mattress that’s made from vinyl, plastic, or rubber. When an air mattress is deflated, it can be stored anywhere around your house while it is rolled up or folded. Air mattresses are either inflated by mouth or hand, or with an electric pump. This makes them ideal for people who love to go on camping trips or to serve as extra beds if you have several guests coming over and spending the night.

What makes a good air mattress?

Not all air mattresses are created equal as there are various types and many factors that you should consider when you are buying a new one. As a general rule, follow these tips to ensure that you purchase a high-quality air mattress.

Reputable brand

Choosing the right brand means that you can expect higher product quality. A little bit of research regarding the perfect air mattress will help you understand which brand you should be going for. You can browse and read online reviews at allthestuff.com to see what others have to say about the best air mattresses.

That way, you will be sure of your choice and will not be tricked by false advertisements. Moreover, you will be able to compare the pros and cons of each brand and pick the one that suits your needs.

The inner construction

A high-quality air mattress will equally distribute the air in the mattress, so there aren’t lumpy spots that make you roll-off. Look for air mattresses with an inner coil design instead of beams, as the coils help distribute weight evenly. This will ensure you have a better and more comfortable sleep for you or your guests.

The materials


Most models of airbed are made of PVC (also known as vinyl). If you are looking for a durable air mattress that will last, you should pay attention to the thickness of the PVC. The vinyl used for most airbeds is about 0.4 mm thick, but airbeds that use thicker vinyl means increased durability. The outer cover of the mattress is important to check as well as the inner material as the longevity depends on both parameters. A good air mattress is made of softer velveteen material and is puncture resistant and will feature an extra-thick and waterproof quilted top.

Easily inflated and deflated

Mattresses with built-in pumps are usually more efficient as they work quickly — usually it takes four minutes the longest, to inflate or deflate a queen-sized air mattress. A quality air mattress will have a pump that is easy to use and easily inflated or deflated.

Suitable for your guests

The air mattress that you pick will depend on who is sleeping on it. Younger people and kids can be comfortable with a low-rise air mattress. On the other hand, older people are more used to traditional mattresses, so you will need to select a high-rise air mattress. In general, a high-rise mattress is a better choice if you need a bed for guests and a low-rise one will work better if you need an inflatable that you will travel with. Moreover, you’ll need to check the maximum weight that is listed by the company in order to make sure that is suitable for whoever will be using it.

Air retention

In lower-quality inflatable beds, air can actually escape at the connections through the valve which can pose a serious problem. In order to be safe, make sure that you choose a trusted brand that uses a never-flat pump.

When space is limited, an air mattress is usually the best way to accommodate your guests or keep you comfortable during your outdoor adventures. Although airbeds are not quite the same as traditional mattresses, these tips can help you choose a high-quality air mattress that can leave you feeling that you are sleeping in a five-star hotel bed.