The Loudest Cases of the Stars

Bouvier’s recent affaire has shaken the world.

As the process continues, we’d like to recall the most unusual court stories from the lives of Hollywood stars.


A couple of years ago, Sylvester accused a woman of rape who wanted to remain anonymous. She claimed that Sylvester forced her to have sex in a hotel room in Las Vegas during the shooting of the movie “Is Isle of All Strength” in 1986. And his bodyguard joined them. Stallone released a refutation, and a couple of months later the case was closed due to lack of evidence.


Probably one of the most high-profile cases in recent times. The most famous football player in the world was accused of rape by American Katherine Mayorga. She claimed that in 2009, Ronalda took her by force in one of the hotels in Las Vegas, and then paid for the silence 375 thousand dollars. The investigation lasted several months, and eventually, the athlete was found not guilty. However, the scandal affected his career anyway – the shares of FC Juventus fell in price by as much as 5%.


He was tried three times. Iron Mike got his first time on a rape charge in 1992. The suit was filed by Desiree Washington, holder of the title of Miss Black America.” That’s when Tyson served three out of six years in prison. Later, in 1998, he was sentenced to 3.5 months (for beating people after an accident), and in 2008 he spent 24 hours in prison for drug use.


Chris Brown is a singer and Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend. They broke up in 2009 after a guy in a fit of jealousy attacked Rihanna and beat her up in a car. Chris got five years probation plus 180 days of community service.


In September 2006, Paris was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. At the trial she pleaded guilty, was fined $1.5 thousand and sentenced to suspended imprisonment. She was also banned from driving for three years. And in 2007, she was caught driving. That’s when Hilton spent 23 days in prison.


December 12, 2001, the actress was arrested for theft from a clothing boutique in the amount of 5 thousand dollars. Despite all the efforts of her lawyers (they bet on kleptomania) and compensation for damages, the prosecutors have ensured that Ryder was sentenced to 480 hours of community service, a heavy fine and a three-year probation period. The investigation also revealed that the actress was taking drugs without a medical prescription.


On 28 July 2006, Mel Gibson was detained for speeding and driving drunk with an open bottle of alcohol (which is prohibited in many states of America). He began insulting police officers during the process of filing the report, and then suddenly stated that all the troubles in the world were caused by Jews (this was filmed). The scandal was huge!


Who’d have thought, but Witherspoon had a problem with the law too! In 2013, she defended Jim Tota from the police in very harsh terms. In the end, Tooth was charged with DUI and Reese with the hooliganism. The couple was released on bail, and the star later had to publicly apologize.


Lohan received a suspended sentence in 2007 for drunk driving and drug use. In October 2009, the conditional sentence was extended for another year (the actress did not comply), and in September 2010 in her blood again found cocaine. As a result, the court sentenced Lindsay to 90 days in prison. And after prison, she went to a rehabilitation clinic for three months.