How to Get Money to Buy a Business in 2019?

Acquiring any kind of business is a serious undertaking, and procuring a loan for it can be super stressful.

Banks really set the bar high for both you and the business for approval.

While a little bit of bootstrapping is always a good idea, one will always need some startup cash.

This awesome article will school you on ways to snag the funds to purchase a business that will put you on the road to riches and independence.

SBA Loans

The SBA is the Small Business Administration.  Founded in 1953, the SBA is a cabinet-level agency that provides counseling, and crucial capital for small businesses.

Various companies can help you along the application process, the most well-known being Opportunity Business Loans.

Of the various forms of financing, SBA loans offer the longest repayment terms and the choicest interest rates.

Now, keep in mind that it’s usually easier to get green-lit by the SBA to finance an already-existing company than for a startup.

The SBA can then gauge the business’s potential to repay the cash by looking at its history, rather than just trying to make an educated guess.

Most of the banks that make multiple kinds of loans will consider a businessperson first for an SBA loan: they are partially guaranteed by the SBA, making them a safer bet. 

This will give you a better chance of approval. 

We should add one note, that one drawback of borrowing from an SBA lender is that it can be hard to qualify, and also, the application can take 45 to 90 days or longer.

Applying for an SBA Loan

Here are the steps to applying for an SBA Loan:

  • Check the SBA’s requirements; be sure you are eligible—this includes having great credit.
  • Pick your preferred program. These include SBA 504, SBA CAPlines, SBA 7(a)
  • Find the right lender.
  • Prepare your paperwork
  • Fill out the application
  • Personal Finance Statement

Leveraged Buyout

A popular financing system for purchasing a small business is called a leveraged buyout.

This structure allows buyers to get max returns by minimizing their initial cash investment. Just realize, though, that while leveraging assets can lead to higher returns, it does include some drawbacks.

In a worst-case scenario, this strategy can result in large losses and take a toll on your return rate.

This transaction structure can be straightforward.

One would leverage some assets of the company one is trying to buy (inventory, equipment, real estate, product) to help finance the acquisition.

With small companies, these sorts of buyouts usually involve a combo of seller financing and a loan from an outside source.

Get Cash for you Car

One thing to think about is that there are a lot of ways to go about things rather than normal channels.

Good, upstanding people go to banks and go to the SBA and get loans. 

You are a wild renegade, on the other hand.

Therefore, you find it perfectly logical to get a loan against your car for a business. 

Indeed, you can get money for your business by getting approved for title loans. One type of title loan is getting money for your car. Now, you may wonder how one might go about doing this kind of thing.

Well, If your automobile is paid off—or close–a title loan can be just the thing to get you the big money you seek.

Interest rates are much lower on a title loan than other forms.

By contrast, to get an SBA loan one must have excellent credit. 

Now, in one’s life as one goes through one’s life living one life, it’s important to be in charge of the score that appears on one’s credit report, which is called a credit score. 

However, it’s also true that a lot of crazy stuff can happen. 

That means that people with bad credit might have trouble getting a loan, which is why a title loan for a car is a good idea.

If you have lousy credit people can get loans against the value of their car.

There are many benefits of car loans, most of them centered around their convenience and fast speed of their processing.

Unlike all sorts of crazy long-term loans that exist out there in the world for which the application process can totally drag on weeks, the title loan application is usually all finished and totally ready to go within, like, sixty minutes, you can receive the full loan amount that day.

You know, if you need to start a business right now.  Don’t plan ahead.

With these kind of loans—the title loans, which is what we’re talking about right now–you won’t have to have the lender check on your credit score, since the title loan  depends solely upon the value of your motor vehicle that you own, which the lender utilizes to determine the amount of your loan.

To give more detail on these types of loans, which are title loans, their interest rates and terms are two areas that vary from state to state. 

One thing for a business owner to consider is that you can expect short loan terms, with the typical term for paying off the loan being 30 days.

You’ll payer higher amounts in interest if you will have to extend the length of repayment of the loan, which is why title loans are best used to cover short-term expenses, like getting some start-up inventory.


There is no question that there are quite a lot of various ways to get money to start a business. 

It’s probably best to purchase an existing business, but certainly if you’re interesting in starting your own start-up, you can go to the Small Business Administration and get certified by them, which in turn will help you find a lender.

You can also just have a bunch of money and spend it, or get someone to give you a whole bunch of money.

Further, you can offer up the value of your car, or, if you think about it, just sell it, but the point is that there are many options out there.