5 Restaurant Lighting Fixtures and Their Uses

What makes up your dining experience apart from the great food? The intimate atmosphere.

You can achieve this by using an effective lighting design. From the lighting fixtures to the color of the lights, you name it! It has always been our goal to provide a cozy dining atmosphere for your guests.

When it comes to the design of a restaurant, it has to be more than what your guests are expecting. Are you planning to install grandeur light fixtures or just minimalist but elegant ones? Choosing a suitable lighting fixture will create a character adding value to its aesthetics. It’s not rocket science since there are a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from.

Transform your restaurant’s character by boosting its lighting design. Let there be light with five of the most suggested lighting fixtures for your restaurant’s design!


restaurant lighting fixtures
Image source: https://www.interiorsandsources.com/article-details/articleid/22507/title/vivi-retro-lighting

Chandeliers are the heart of every classic dining room. The idea of having a chandelier fixture is to bring out the cozy ambiance warm lighting can execute.

On the image above, the interior design of the dining room of the restaurant is in plain textured colors. The chandelier is the lighting fixture they used to illuminate the room. It looks grand and elegant because of the different glass colors in different layers. It stands out since the ceiling design is layered and furnished in ivory white. They used complementary cool white recessed lighting for an evenly distributed light throughout.

The placement of the chandelier is a perfect spot alleviating the presence of a dull area. They used warm colored-lighting to boost and set the dining mood of the guests. The candlelight lighting features to improve the dining design tricks allowing it to be closed to the ground as possible.

Track Lights

restaurant lighting fixtures
Image source: https://unios.com/product/kobe-track-light/

Track lights are usually used in museums to highlight sculptures, artworks, and even paintings. Who knew it is one of the lighting fixtures suitable for a restaurant? It has the ability to give life to textured and accent walls. Since it’s acting like a spotlight, a number of track lights will provide an evenly distributed lighting to the dining area.

On the image above, they used track lights as the main source of lighting in the dining area. It’s simple but stylish considering the theme that they want to achieve. The dining area increased its aesthetic value with a reasonably light warm color.
The vertical patterns designated for the walls are well-defined because of the effective lighting. Who knew lighting fixtures this simple can boost the atmosphere of your restaurant’s dining area?

Cove Lighting

restaurant lighting fixtures
Image source: https://www.nultylighting.co.uk/project/haz-restaurant-plantation-place-london/

You can use different levels and colors of light to create the ideal dining atmosphere for the guests to enjoy. The image above is the best example of cove lighting design. Instead of sticking to the basic design of the ceiling, they preferred the sculptured design boosted with cove lighting. The dining area looks like it’s illuminated with a candle since it’s not that bright but not too warm as well.

As an accent wall, they used the same color for the light illuminating the mirror. The mirror and ceiling are both powered with the best flexible LED strip lights <do-follow> in the market. As you can see, the ceiling is filled with carvings detailed by the lighting design. The furniture and fixtures they used are simple. You can’t deny the fact that it works together with the whole interior design of the dining area.

What we loved the most about cove lighting fixtures is how it transforms a plain dining area into a majestic one. Just look at how the vertical attributes of the walls complement the elegant curved design of the ceiling. In choosing the suitable lighting fixture, you have to keep in mind the character you want to maintain.

Wall Sconces

restaurant lighting fixtures
Image source: https://tabledecor.com/default.asp

Wall sconces are the perfect solution for restaurant spaces with large openings. They work well with high and low ceiling height spaces since the flow of light is up and down. Why do restaurant owners prefer wall sconces? The design is minimal yet they bring out the best out of simple restaurant design.

On the image above, you can see how simple the interior design is. From the furniture to the fixtures, they maintained a sleek and simple design. They hung vintage pendant lights as the main source of light. Wall sconces are installed in between windows as complementary lighting.

Recessed Lighting

restaurant lighting fixtures
Image source: https://contractlighting.net/a-rare-rabbit

Most people underestimate what recessed lighting design can do to your dining area. They are commonly used as a complimentary light to your main light. Who knew recessed lights can do better than that? In lighting design, the main goal is to evenly illuminate an area. In using recessed lights, find a way on how to utilize it as the main source of light.

On the image above, the warm and cozy ambiance was achieved because of the lighting design. They created horizontal patterns on the ceiling highlighted by the complementary recessed lights. It was installed in a ceiling dropped designed and installed bulb-like recessed lights as the main source of light.


When it comes to lighting fixtures for a restaurant’s interior, you’ll never run out of choices. You just have to identify what character you are trying to achieve. These five examples are just the start of the list that can bring the best out of your interior lighting design.