Less Is More – The Only Features You Should Seek from Virtual Offices

The virtual office can revolutionise your office space in Singapore.

More than just being a convenient way to work remotely, the virtual office provides structure to an existing work format.

Look across the country and you will see many businesses adopting the virtual office format for a number of reasons.

For one, these offices can give your business a bonafide office address and dedicated phone number, which can do wonders for your image.

In addition to helping you project a professional image, the office can help you save in terms of overhead. However, all virtual offices spaces are not equal, and so when looking for one, businesses should keep a few considerations in mind.

Continue reading to learn more about what to consider when using a virtual office for your business needs.


In Singapore’s most renowned districts, moving into an office that sits in the district is impossible because of high rents.

For a business whose success depends on its location, being situated in the CBD is very important.

Virtual office spaces that can offer businesses a centrally-located office can better position you to have access to the resources and people needed to function in business. Take a look at Servcorp’s Virtual Office Singapore by clicking onto the following site at http://www.servcorp.com.sg/en/virtual-offices/.

Business Registration

Another important feature of the virtual office is having access to resources that can assist with helping entrepreneurs with getting the initial registrations for their business.

By having someone familiar with the way registrations are obtained, you could potentially save time by getting your business up and running.

Internet And Software

Another must-have is having an excellent internet connection and the software that would support a business functioning in the online platform.

Your office is essentially moving online, so the infrastructure that supports it has to work wherever your location, and it has to be able to support the everyday functions of your business. A virtual office suite that can more than adequately support your business will make working remotely more efficient and convenient.

Access To Meeting And Conference Rooms

While working in the online format is great, at some point, the face-to-face meeting has to happen, especially if you also have employees.

A virtual office that also can provide your business with space to hold presentations, to meet with staff members, and to complete a host of tasks is very important in transacting business. Usually, larger organisations fit out businesses with access to meeting and conference rooms, and if global, professionals can find they have access to these spaces internationally.

Support Staff And Equipment

A well-rounded virtual office is one that provides businesses with all of the trappings of a regular office, which includes support staff and equipment.

A highly-qualified support staff that is bilingual can be a great plus in the Singaporean business setting, whether it is IT staff or receptionists.

Furthermore, being able to access printers, scanners, and other office equipment that is a part of the modern office is also something prospective renters should look for in a virtual office.

Looking For The Essentials

A great virtual office will provide businesses with the structure for allowing you to work online while being able to function in real space.

The office will provide you with the office support and technologies that make working in the online atmosphere efficient.

Finally, some of the better offices will assist you in setting up your business with governmental entities.