Why SMEs Need to Be More Targeted in Their Approach to Digital Marketing

Attracting an online audience is the difference between a thriving and successful business, and one that is in danger of going under.

Savvy small business owners are utilising digital marketing to keep up with industry competitors, and constantly modifying their business models to suit the demands of online consumers.

The online marketplace is becoming increasing lucrative for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep up with the online presence of industry powerhouses. By creating targeted content for your consumers and target demographic, digital marketing in australia can secure the growth of your small business.

Read on to find out why SME’s need to be more targeted, in their approach to digital marketing.

Brand Identity

SME’s have the advantage of being able to curate a stronger brand identity than larger enterprises. It is therefore essential to utilise this advantage, by creating targeted and modern campaigns for your consumers.

As an SME, you have the ability to create your own unique and quirky brand personality, without being restrained by corporate voices. Failing to update campaigns regularly to reflect what is currently popular in mainstream media, is a simple way that SMEs can lose the interest of their audience and potential consumers.

Platform Mobility

Most SME’s have a small budget when it comes to digital marketing. Therefore, it is no point wasting pressure dollars creating an interactive website, if the majority of your target customers are using social media for their purchases.

Most SME’s have the ability to know directly who they are selling to. This means that they can utilise key information including the prominent demographic of their customers, and how most of their customers are hearing about their brand. By personalising your customer experiences to suit the platforms yoru consumers are flocking to, you will lower your product costs and dramatically increase your return on investment.

When considering which social media platforms to utilise, it is important which meet the needs of the products that you offer. With so many platforms available to utilise, SME’s are able to curate their ideal social media profile to suit their industry and products or services. If your product will entice viewers through visuals, Instagram or Pinterest may be your best platforms. In comparison, if you require video content to market your product, Facebook might be the way to go.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting can be a tricky beast to master. However, by precisely selecting which audience sees your online ads, you can cost-effectively drive motivated consumers to your website.

Audience targeting can be an incredibly successful method of customer relationship management (CRM). This means that you can curate certain content specifically for consumers who have already recently purchased your products. The conversation and content you deliver to new consumers who have never tried your product, should always be considerably different to your established and loyal customers.

Audience targeting can be further segmented by consumers behaviour on your website. For example, certain content can be curated toward consumers who have visited your site but abandoned their purchases at the cart. Each consumer who comes to your website has a different story and different objectives from visiting your website. It is therefore essential to target your content accordingly, to influence audiences of all shapes and sizes.

By targeting your approach to digital marketing, you can curate an audience-centric strategy across all of your platforms. Targeting your content to your target consumer means that all businesses; even SME’s with a small marketing budget, can utilise the benefits of digital marketing.