How to Make Your Business Fleet Wheelchair Friendly

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles for the operation then you will always need to make sure that these automobiles are suitable for all.

Whether it is a delivery van or a car simply for travelling to and from meetings in, every company needs to make sure that they have wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).


As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone that requires the use of a wheelchair is able to work comfortably and properly which means more than a few adjustments in the workplace.

Fortunately, wheelchair accessible vehicles can make it incredibly easy, safe and comfortable for a wheelchair user to travel. These vehicles use a ramp or lift with a high ceiling so that a wheelchair user can easily access the vehicle – the chair can then either be secured with the user still sat or stowed away so that the user can ride as a passenger (or even driver in some cases).


One option that your business could take would be to convert your current fleet into wheelchair accessible vehicles (provided that they are large enough). Vans can be much easier to convert because they are already tall enough and large enough, so it will simply involve installing a ramp or lift and then having a way to secure the chair.

Other vehicles can be converted by installing a retractable ramp with a lowered vehicle floor. There will then be fixed points of attachment or rails so that you can lock the chair into position.


It is possible to convert a vehicle, but safety is, of course, paramount so this must always be done by a specialist company. A good alternative is to simply purchase a new fleet or a couple of vehicles which are already wheelchair accessible.

Specialists like Allied Mobility have all kinds of different vehicles available so you can select one which is well suited to your particular company, plus there will also be a range of mobility adaptations to consider as well.

You can buy new or used from specialists like this which can help to keep the costs down too.

Having a wheelchair accessible fleet is hugely important in today’s day and age.

As an employer, it is down to you to make sure that your entire company can cater to a wheelchair user and this will include having wheelchair accessible vehicles. Fortunately, this can be relatively straightforward whether you look to convert your current fleet or simply purchase new automobiles.

The adaptations that can be made are very impressive, so it will be easy, safe and comfortable for a wheelchair user to access the car and ride as a passenger or even drive in some cases.