4 Misconstrued Opinions about Bitcoin Loophole

What we hope to achieve in this article is to end all false rumors about Bitcoin Loophole – or more generally, Cryptocurrency Trading.

Change is hard, we get it. But it doesn’t mean that we should label all risky changes as bad, fake, or untrue. I think one thing that stops people from achieving greater things is their uncanny ability to instantaneously fear new things. But you do have to realize that whatever “great things” we have now, weren’t so great when they first started. And should we have failed to welcome necessary changes in our life, we wouldn’t be standing, running, and experiencing the world we have today.

My point: Change is inevitable. Sometimes for the worse, other times for the better.

And we’ll never really know which way it’s going to be unless we try. So I dare you now, before you even continue reading this article, throw away the abstracts and corollaries you have made about this world and keep your mind open to how much more and better this world can be. The costs of not knowing, after all, are direr than the costs of failing. Free up your mind and try to read this article free of any malice or prejudice.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Okay. Just from reading cryptocurrency, I know a part of you wants to back away already. And of course, you are more than free to do so. I am neither forcing nor pestering anyone to hear what I have to say. I’m just hoping that among thousands and thousands of you, someone sane will come to appreciate the new system I am about to introduce.

Now, back to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency in two words is “virtual money.” Some others call it online money, internet money, cyber cash, etc. And before I go on blabbing about anything else, allow me to set this straight: Cryptocurrency is real, valuable, exchangeable, and tradable money. You may not want to believe it yet, but I just want to make it clear as early as now. (Read more about Cryptocurrency here: https://blockgeeks.com/guides/what-is-cryptocurrency/)

I’m sure you’ve watched a few sci-fi movies yourself. In Utopian societies, as depicted in major Hollywood films, the concept of paper money is long gone. Instead, they use different, often virtual monetary systems. Things such as cards, bills, and coins are non-existent – or should I say, outdated. All transactions can be done by a push of a finger or voice command. And we accept this reality in movies fairly well. We sometimes even go “Hey, cool!”

So why can’t we think of cryptocurrency in the same light? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe cryptocurrency is the next monetary system the world will later on adapt? Why do we immediately label it as a scam or a fraud when we have no experience of using it?

I know it is important to safeguard your finances. But resisting every little change and labelling them as fraudulent activities simple sounds a little too unfair. I bet if Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin can speak, they’d tell you that they are very, very offended (lol).


Anyway, if the world is headed into any one direction, it would be online. How else do you think the world will play out? Our currency system of today is far from perfect. There are too many holes and inconsistencies in the system that can be ruthlessly taken advantage of by the wrong people. Cryptocurrency is actually a safer system in comparison to this. The only problem is that it’s still foreign. Not everyone knows about it. And others who have heard about it, never took the time to get to know it better. Thus, the unfair judgements.

So today, we are going to depose some of the craziest misconceptions people have about Cryptoccurency, Crypto Trading, and Crypto Robots. And we’d be delighted to have you as one of the audience. If you’re ready to hear some of the most bizarre notions people have about online money, sit tight because we’re off to a bumpy ride!

Cryptocurrency Is Just Another Passing Trend


To anyone who thinks this all I can say is “Seriously?” You think this now, after 9 years of Cryptocurrency successfully dominating the internet. Just a year more and it’ll be their anniversary already! But of course, I don’t think 10 years is a very long time to prove something’s worth too. I mean, even relationships that last longer than a decade end too – right? But to say that it’s “passing” is just too much. When we say “passing” in online language, it means weeks or months at most. Cryptocurrency lasting for 9 years (since 2009) and counting is not “just a passing thing.” Other than the number of years, the community following the movements of the crypto world is steadily growing. There’s really no stopping them.

Cryptocurrency Is A SCAM


Allow me to enlighten you about this very wrong notion. Cryptocurrency is legit but not all Cryptocurrency AGENCIES are. You get it? Cryptocurrency, as a currency system, is very true, valid, and innocent. Bitcoin is real. Ethereum is real. Litecoin is real, as well. However, not all agencies who offer “autopilot cryptorobot services” are real. But the same goes with every other service or product made available to us in this world. It is not Cryptocurrency’s fault that the Earth is plagued by many selfish and ill-hearted people. In the same way that it is not yours or mine. Scammers will always be out there – bitcoin or no bitcoin. It is important that we know how to safeguard ourselves and our own assets. Cryptobots are great help – just make sure you’re getting them from the right provider. Bitcoin Loophole, for example, has all the licenses to legitimately mine Cryptocurrency. Look for agencies like this, and don’t forget to ask for a second opinion – always!

Cryptocurrency Is A Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

(It is! But not too quick)

True enough, compared to others, trading crypto can get you up the ladder real quick – but only if you know how to trade! Investing in crypto can help you earn more money than working a blue collar job. All you have to do is take that leap of faith! People may tell you that crypto trading has failed them before; that they’ve lost a good deal of investment. But people like these are often victims of poor decisions. It could be that they’ve tried trading themselves and never sought the help of trading software. Trading crypto can be a very rocky process – especially if you try to take it on using your human brain alone.

Cryptocurrency Are For Lazy Goofballs

(You calling me lazy?)


Well, I wonder about that. Then how come many (already) successful professionals (see list) are still investing in Cryptocurrency? Is it alright to also call them lazy? Rather than lazy, what I think you should be saying is that cryptocurrency is for the wise. It is only meant for people who think not only of today but also tomorrow. When people look towards the future, they can utilize the present much better. I’m not saying you should stop living your life in the present, but simply add future plans into the equation as well. Aim high and aim long.