Why It’s Good to Invest in Live Camming Industry in Asia

Live camming industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. According to New York Times, its worth in 2013 was $1 billion USD.

Live content industry is one of the few industries to register double digit growth rate year-on-year. According to industry experts and pundits, its worth in 2018 stands at an estimated $10 billion USD.

Sites like Chaturbate make huge loads of money. At any given time, there will be at-least 20000 models.

There are at-least 10 notable and well-established sites like Chaturbate. It’s easy to do the math. At any given time, there will be at-least 200,000 models online.

According to siteworthtraffic, Chaturbate makes more than $275,000 USD from ads. In other words, its annual revenue approximately stands at $3,346,000 USD.
These numbers are humongous!

There are many reasons for variations in the growth of this industry in different regions.

This article throws an insight into live camming industry in Asia. This article also sheds some light on how to start a webcam site.
Read on.

Eastern Asia

There are eight East Asian nations – China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan. Out of these eight Asian nations, South Korea, Japan and China watch a lot of live camming content.
According to data from PornMD, there are at-least 50 popular geographical terms. Here’s an interesting observation – Out of the 50 popular geographical terms, at-least 20 terms are Japan-related. The key takeaway is that East Asian nations love Japanese porn.

Global Top 10 Pornographic Searches of China


We mapped the pornographic and live camming search connection between the eight East Asian nations. Here is a brief run-down on our findings.

To a very large extent, people in Philippines love to watch live camming activity of models hailing from Philippines.

There’s a significant audience for Japanese models. Mom son fetish is also on the rise.
In other words, there’s a good market for mature women in Philippines.

Global Top 10 Pornographic Searches of Philippine


Global Top 10 Pornographic Searches of Korea


Japan’s live camming industry and porn industry are influential ones. As a matter of fact, its porn industry is responsible for the creation of hentai genre of porn.
China is the world’s most populated country. Surprisingly, it produces almost zero pornography.

However, it consumes a lot of pornography and live camming content. The people of China love Japanese porn stars and cam models. But why?

Here’s an explanation.
Countries such as Japan and China share a similar narrow-minded patriarchal culture. While Japan has a wealth of sexually pleasing genres, China is yet to advocate sex.

This year, China banned more than 22000 pornographic sites. This can be attributed to the fact that China considers pornography as demonic.

However, there’s an exception to this belief – People of China consider Japanese women as feminine enchantresses endowed with innocence and purity.

So, if you are keen on creating webcam business to target and entice the audience of China, it’s recommended to recruit Japanese cam models.

People of Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam love interacting with models of their respective nationality.


India is an amazing country. Indians love their women / girls. They take pride in their nationality. A vast majority of porn searches include the keyword ‘Indian’.
Let’s acquaint ourselves with the top 10 searches of India.

  1. Indian
  2. Indian Wife
  3. Indian Clilege
  4. Indian Bhabi
  5. Indian Bhabi Devar
  6. Indian Actress
  7. Indian teacher
  8. Indian Aunty
  9. Desi

The above list indicates that there’s a huge market for cam models of all ages. In conclusion, Indians love aunts, milfs and housewives.

Another fetish that’s moving up impressively is “Hindi audio”. Hindi is the national language of Indians. If you are keen on creating webcam business to target Indian audiences, recruit Indian models.

Western Asia

For all intents and purposes, western Asia significantly overlaps with Middle East. Western Asia encompasses countries such as Afghanistan, Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Gaza, UAE, Turkey, etc.

Many western nations aren’t politically stable. A vast majority of Middle Eastern nations are conservative. Pornography is considered illegal.

Access to pornography is restricted. Following the same train of thoughts, live camming / content is also restricted.

There’s hardly any scope in Western Asia.

Let me now answer the most frequently asked questions – how to start a webcam business? And how to start a webcam site?

To start a webcam business, purchase a cost-effective, feature-packed and user-intuitive turnkey software.

Setup your adult payment account, hire a few models, run a couple of subscription offers, monetize channels such as private one-on-one chats, peek shows, group shows, etc.

Generate unique content, promote your cam site on adult content friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr, sit back and make money.

Do not recruit programmers / coders to build your webcam business from scratch. Building a live camming site from scratch shall cost you a fortune.

Also, white-label approach isn’t recommended. White-label solutions do not let you to tweak / customize your website.

They take at-least 40%-50% of your earnings. There’s every possibility of Google flagging white-label sites as duplicate content generators.


Countries with huge scope and potential for live camming industry are Philippines, Japan, Korea, China and India.

To fully gear up for adult live camming business, you require nothing more than a turnkey software.

Set your sights on promoting your live camming site in adult forums and blogs.