Earn & Save – How Important Are Actionable Personal Finance Habits?

Today, as never before, being proactive is essential to staying financially healthy and keeping your budget streamlined.

So many ads are popping up constantly:

  • when you’re browsing the Internet,
  • when you’re watching your favorite TV show,
  • when you’re watching the game…

It’s become really hard to sustain the consumerist side of yourself and keep the money in your pocket for the things you really need.

Modern era has made almost everything available or at least just a click away. And while this advancement definitely has many advantages, it has become nearly impossible to rationalize and manage your budget in a way that will enable you to get everything you need, whenever you need it.

Being financially stable and managing to stay debt-free is a tough task to achieve.

But there are lots of things you may start doing in order to improve your finances.

In this article, we will give you some neat tips and advice on how changing your mindset and nurturing proactiveness can improve your financial well-being.

Cutting Loose Ends

Ok, so we all know how it feels to be tempted into buying lots of stuff you won’t actually need.

It’s ok to treat yourself every now and then. But the problem arises when this becomes an actual habit.

Maybe you should write down everything you have bought within the last month that wasn’t necessary. How much money have you spent on all these things?

I’m sure you will be surprised to see the amount of money wasted!

Cutting expenses is something that needs to be done in order to improve your finances. A couple of things you might consider doing are:

  • Making lists of necessary things when going shopping and sticking to the list in a great extent,
  • Reducing the usage of credit cards and trying to spend cash when appropriate,
  • Try settling various bank loans and credit lines you might have,
  • Rationalizing the usage of home appliances,
  • Cancelling subscriptions for the services you use very rarely or never,
  • Trying to keep impulsive shopping to a bare minimum.

These things may sound irrelevant for your family budget but they certainly add up to a great amount of your monthly expenses.

By knowing how to save money you can easily get in position to invest or to spend more on the things you actually need.

Going Entrepreneurial


It’s only when you start thinking about money is when you actually start making it.

So, if you already went through all the ways you can save your money in your head, I guess that now comes the part when you need to decide how and where to spend the excess money saved.

This is actually the most interesting part because there are so many things that you can do with your money. But, one crucial thing is changing your mindset from consumerist to entrepreneurist. Yup, this word is not in a dictionary, we just made it up! It maybe has something to do with becoming entrepreneurial… in a way.

Back to the point. The only true way to financial independence is by building your own business and finding a way of earning money without having to work 9 to 5 and planning your expenses within the limited budget you have.

With this being a very very broad topic, we will stick to just giving a few hints about the things you can do with your extra cash for the purpose of multiplying it.

  • Start a side gig after your regular job. Try to make a connection between what you like and what could potentially bring you extra money. Maybe try with starting a subscription box business?
  • Educate yourself about finances and financial instruments. If your passion lies in following market trends and investing in stocks, you can use that money to invest in stocks of the companies you think are undervalued? Or maybe try Forex?
  • If you are not that confident in your entrepreneurial capabilities, you can always deposit your money in a bank and get a little bit extra out of the bank interests.

With almost countless possibilities, make sure to just keep hustling on and hustling strong. No matter what!