Justfly’s Guide To Improving Your CRM Results

In terms of marketing, there are fewer more important cogs than CRM. While marketing works like a wheel that requires more than one spoke to operate, CRM’s role in customer retention and re-engagement takes the gains of your other marketing initiatives and reinvests them in repeat business.

Point being, it is extremely important to invest wisely in CRM and use best practices to optimize its performance. So, what are some ways you can do this? In order to get some pro tips I spoke with JustFly.

JustFly is an online travel agency that depends on building customer loyalty and retaining customers through email. They gave me three pillars to improving a CRM system.

A/B Testing

It doesn’t matter if you are building product, enhancing CRM, or managing pricing, you need to be able to answer how and why something works better than what you are doing. It’s not the fastest method, but it is the only method of being sure something that you want to do is better than something you are doing.

This applies when it comes to email. It’s about small wins according to JustFly’s review.

It can be as simple as changing the colours of buttons, the size and style of font, and your choice of images. Segment your lists for testing and monitor test groups daily to see if you can build a case for your changes.

Crafty Writing

In line with A/B testing, it’s important that you also experiment with copy. Test subject lines, email copy, push notification copy, any copy at all until you have some truly optimized copy.

This will take time, but when you are done you will have a well of great copy you can go back to with confidence that it will be successful and drive sales, up-sells, or other revenue driving means.

Segmentation, List Building, and Building Personas

Having a mailing list isn’t just about collecting emails and blasting out emails. These lists need to be built with purpose. You need to create unique content for those who have bought, haven’t bought, had a bad experience, had a good experience, or haven’t bought in a very long time.

Tailoring messages to these different groups, or personas, will better optimize your efforts and lead to better results. JustFly says there is no one size fits all option for email recipients so make sure you have tailored messaging for specific personas.