How to Insure Against Falling Trees and Other Random Disasters

No matter how much we might try to, we can’t control everything, and the changing weather is a constant reminder of this.

We might leave our car parked out in the driveway on a cloudless night, only to find it smashed beyond repair the next morning by a fallen tree after a freak windstorm. This is what’s known as “an act of God.” Or in the insurance world, as a natural disaster.

Luckily for us, insurance agencies provide us coverage for such events in the form of comprehensive coverage. Let’s take a look at some natural disasters (or for the more foreboding flavor) “acts of God” that insurance companies are willing to cover.

Reasons Not to Skimp on Insurance Coverage

Life is unpredictable. Just when we think we have it all figured out, we’re swiftly reminded that we really don’t. Of course, humility is a fine trait, but to be taught this lesson over and over again during a lifetime can get a little frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when we believe we have enough car insurance to help us out should we get in an accident or experience (wait for it) an act of God. For whatever reason, our states only mandate we carry a minimum amount of car insurance, usually in the form of liability insurance. This isn’t enough. Liability insurance only awards the other driver compensation in an accident you caused. Liability insurance does nothing to protect you from a natural disaster, theft, vandalism or in an accident for which you are the innocent party.

In today’s market, finding affordable car insurance quotes online is also a relatively simple thing to do. We can bundle car insurance policies for a discounted insurance premium and get more coverage, and it’s worth it.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recommends that we purchase more than the prerequisite coverage required by our state; it’s to protect us, not expose our wallets. To be prepared (or as prepared as you can be) for whatever might come your way, it is essential to invest in an insurance plan that has your back—comprehensive coverage does.

A Downed Tree

Remember parking your car in the driveway the night before, only to wake up the next morning to find a tree has crushed it? Which insurance policy pays for it, your homeowners insurance or car insurance? If you guessed the latter option, you are correct. The Post and Courier tells insurance owners that because the tree hit your car and your car did not hit the tree, it’s considered a natural disaster. Unless otherwise stipulated in your insurance contract, your comprehensive coverage plan will pay for the damages.

A Deer in the Headlights

The only thing sadder than seeing a fallen animal on the side of the road, is being the reason why the animal is lying motionless on the side of the road. If a deer decides to cross the road as you’re making a turn on its blind corner, is it really your fault? Your insurance company doesn’t think so. A comprehensive coverage plan will cover the damages to your vehicle after it has come into contact with an animal. While you won’t be readily able to get over the guilt of accidentally killing Bambi’s dad, your insurance policy will lighten the load by taking care of the repair costs.

Those Scheming Kids

For whatever reason, there are some people out there who (to quote Batman’s Alfred) “just want to watch the world burn.” A no-good passerby seeing your car parked out on the street might think it’s funny to tag your car with some choice swear words. They might even think it would be fun smashing your windows. Once they decide to mess with your car, there’s no saving it. After returning to your parked car only to find your windows broken and the paint job ruined, you’ll probably find yourself wishing you had more than liability insurance. Like the two scenarios above, a comprehensive insurance policy will cover the extent of the damages.

Why skimp on insurance coverage when we can have an awesome plan at an affordable rate?