How To Save Money on Hotels

Some time and effort may be worth the money

If your startup requires you to hit the road, you may be incurring considerable expenses.  You’re not a member of the rank and file, so you can’t just expense the trip.  Here, then, are some ways to save money on hotel stays in 2015—and beyond.

Book Same Day

It’s smart and good practice to think ahead and to plan.  That’s true in just about every area of business, and it’s probably pretty wise in booking hotels too.  You don’t want to be left sleeping in your car.  But in a way that’s similar to flying standby, you can also rake in some savings by booking at the last minute.  There are apps like HotelTonight and other websites that show you just-opened rooms at a particular time of day, often 11 a.m. or noon.  These will lower your price, and even though you’re booking same day, you can book the room for several nights.

Low Profile

When you look at some of the biggest travel sites, you’re seeing just the hotels that can afford to list on them, paying commissions.  Smaller or less affluent hotels may charge lower fees.  You can find some of them with a site like TripAdvisor and then call them directly whether than booking via the web.  It can’t hurt to ask for a discount—you just may get one.

Be a Detective

Websites like allow you to find actual rates that recent guests have paid at various hotels and motels.  This allows you to cut through a lot of information and follow the paths these folks have taken straight to cheap lodgings that may have been hiding.

Rewards Points

Now, you don’t have to stay at pricey hotels to get reward points to stay there again.  You can get reward points from your credit cards, either for just signing up or for making purchases.  Check with your issuing bank.

Use Travel Sites

We talked about ways of venturing outside of the brand-name travel sites as a way of snagging some great rates at out-of-the-way hotels.  But there are a lot of web sites, some more established and some brand new, that can give you a lot of help.  Yapta, for example, is one that gives you alerts when those ever-changing rates go up or down.  Stayful makes you a bigtime mogul with bargaining power.  It takes into account all the various factors affecting the price of a hotel room and gives you a great price.  You then can make a bid.

Go Alternative

Now, if you’re over the age of 23, we won’t recommend a hostel for you.  But sites such as airbnb can point you in the direction of off-the-grid shared economy places that will put you up way cheap.

Be frugal with these tips, and if at some point you have to pay a more mundane price, it won’t be the end of the world.