Great Software for Your Startup in 2015

Here are some helpful new options

Let’s face it: you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas.  Or you got tickets to the basketball game and something having to do with skis, but your business is still in need of a lot of help. Here are five pretty cool, kind of new pieces of software to help your startup in 2015.

1. QuillEngage

QuillEngage is web analytics software that generates readable reports from Google Analytics.  Some folks have a problem with Google Analytics, meaning that just because the data is there doesn’t mean that all your problems are solved.  QuillEngage puts the cornucopia of information into plain English and tells you the story you need to make meaningful decisions.

Some find that Google Analytics is a bit arcane and contains a lot of advanced functions and requires a go-between.  Well, here it is.

2. Trello

Your startup is going to have to be lean and efficient.  A lot of times you bring together a few folks who are involved in some cases or are strung out across the country and in need of ways to collaborate and to share information.  There are plenty of them, and it’s important to know your options so you won’t miss out on one that’s the best for you.

Trello is designed not only for collaboration but for visual organization.  This lets one person on a project see the big picture and perhaps how her work fits into the whole enchilada.  A person creates a board for each general category, and then individual tasks to narrow it further.

3. Insightly

What was that I was just saying about having a lot of options when it comes to project management tools? Insightly is another one.  Its features include an unlimited number of projects—even with the free option—the ability to shoot out a new task when the present one moves to a new step.  As is the case with Trello, Insightly has a mobile App for Android or iOS.  It isn’t the best for commenting on one another’s work, relying more on the attachment, but worth checking out.

4. WooRank

This one is for your SEO needs, one of the peskiest considerations for any startup.  WooRank will slap you on the wrist when your web pages aren’t SEO optimized properly and get those visitors rolling in.  I mean, it tells you about backlinks, SERP, and mobile optimization.  It gives you a marketing plan and once you get rolling gives you whatever reports you want.

5. Enloop

First things last.  This is a tool quite unlike all the others on this list, since it’s actually all about making the business plan.  It’s not an easy thing to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed, thinking, “why isn’t there software for this?” Now there is.  Enloop sets things up for you and lets you edit the particulars according to your needs.  It also attends to ratios, industry averages, etc.  You can even invite some mentor or trusted confidante to view what you’re putting together.

Software can do only so much for you.  But it’s never good to struggle with certain problems that could’ve been solved by technology.