Post-50 Entrepreneur: Mandy Aftel

The Nose Knows.

You’ve heard of natural childbirth and natural foods.  Mandy Aftel is a plus-fifty entrepreneur who wants to introduce the world to her line of natural perfumes.  Aftel is a therapist turned perfume maker turned entrepreneur with a striking and wholly original lineup of products.

Aftel follows her nose to her custom scents.  She finds what she loves in nature and then compares various oils before she has what she wants.  First, she collects the essence, and then she actually manufactures the perfume.

Aftel’s collection includes hair elixirs, organic teas, perfumer’s botanicals, solid perfumes,  and liquid perfumes.  But perhaps the jewel is her custom perfumes, for which she meets with the customer to develop a scent just for her.  The customer smells a wide variety of essences, with Aftel going so far as to note non-verbal cues to develop a scent just for the person.

Aftel’s liquid perfumes are hand made and blended with undenatured grain alcohol.  It promises to stay on the skin for roughly two hours.

Aftel is a well-rounded business woman whose work with perfumes and scents is just one part of her life of the senses.  She is an avid cook and foodie, part of the slow food movement.  As such she has appeared on PBS’s “Diary of a Foodie,” and on the National Geographic channel and on CNN.

She also teaches and writes.  She has written books on various subjects, some outside of scents and perfumes.  However, she enthusiastically promotes the books that do have to do with scents and smells, books that have made tremendous impacts on the field.  One of these is Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume.  This won an award from the Sense of Smell Institute in 2001.

Further, she developed an entire system, containing a series of workbooks, for the creation of perfumes.

Since 2003,  she has collaborated with chefs for projects concerning the relationship between scents and food.

She has been featured on many major media, such as magazines like Allure, Health, Gourmet, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

Aftel’s experience demonstrates a very powerful concept in entrepreneurship.  She knows as much about her field as anyone possibly could, pouring incredible passion into it, a passion that is hard not to be affected by.  She has immersed herself as completely as possible, starting with love for the craft, and only then turning the craft into a business.  She can serve as an inspiration to plus-fifty entrepreneurs.