Entrepreneurs’ Conferences to Attend in 2015

Topics range farther than you might think.

Two imperatives for the owner of any startup are: being abreast of all new developments in your field and to have some sort of network.  Being a lone voice crying in the wilderness just won’t work.  A great way to meet both of these worthy goals is to attend conferences.  These can also put you in a new frame of mind and re-charge your batteries.  Here are 5 conferences for entrepreneurs to attend in 2015.

1. World Domination Summit

Portland, Jul. 9-13

“Have fun and create a meaningful adventure” is the motto of this conference, a whimsical affair wrought from the hand of Chris Guillebeau, the well-traveled entrepreneur and author known for urging people to break the rules.  This year’s speakers include Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby.com, John Acuff, author of Start: Punch Fear in the Face and others.

Don’t forget to forget the Highly Sensitive Person Lounge.

2. Pioneers Festival

Vienna, Austria, May 28-29

Get ready for the big time: this conference is the real deal.  It’s all about building a network of some high-powered people and possibly getting investments for your startup.  Details for this year are still forming, but last year the conference brought attendees a presentation from Neil Patel, co-founder of CrazyEgg and a Q&A with Jerry Colonna of Reboot.io.

3. New Media Expo

Las Vegas, Apr 13-16

Now, we know Vegas is a dull backwater with nothing to do, but drag yourself there for the New Media Expo.  This conference will help you learn about upcoming media trends and technologies that will help you with marketing. You’ll rub elbows with social media gurus, CEOs, web TV bigwigs, bloggers.  If you’re looking to produce some podcasts, ads, videos, etc., this is your place to be.

4. Provision Entrepreneur’s Conference

Johnstown, OH Apr 24-26

Now, don’t let the glitzy location fool you—this conference has plenty of nuts and bolts.  It’s about as dense and informative a conference as you’ll find.  It’s less about schmoozing and more about attending multi-part sessions with the likes of Gary Keesee and Dave Anderson.  Keesee is a TV host and leader of Team Revolution.  Anderson is an author and president of LearnToLead, an international training and consulting agency.  If you’re not interested in these two, the conference may not be for you, yet there will be other sessions as well.

5. WordCamp

various locations

As the name might imply, this conference is held by WordPress.  They happen in locations around the world, so it’s easy or you to find one that’s near you for painless travel.  They also run as a non-profit, so registration is light.

Don’t worry, it’s not just learning how to use WordPress. The conferences teach many topics having to do with social media and related emerging tech.  You’ll meet others like you are interested in learning how to create some web content on your own rather than farming it out.  Frugal folks have to stick together—this is a good a way as any.