Best 2014 eBay Alternative: eCrater

ECrater is an interesting alternative to eBay, a streamlined, simply designed online marketplace and ecommerce tool as well.  The marketplace, where customers would go to browse, carries a 2.9% fee for items sold.  Sellers can choose whether or not to pay marketplace charges for better placement in search results and in browsing.  If one goes without the charges, less traffic will come to that seller via marketplace.

main image, eCrater

The only requirement of the seller applying to shipping is that they be able to ship in the United States.

In August of this year, eCrater implemented its smartphone optimized version.  Not long before, it added Paypal checkout as an option.

Like eBay, eCrater is an all-purpose, general-interest marketplace, offering a wide variety of products.  Sellers can expect traffic to come from a wide array of Internet searches.

There is an interesting comparison of different marketplaces including Ecrater on Youtube.