Best 2014 Alternative to Paypal: Xoom

Global and fast.

Xoom is a simple payment system designed for individuals and for simple money exchanging needs.  It shouldn’t be confused with the Xoom, a brand of smart phone.

Xoom allows for money to be sent via credit card or by bank account.  It has mobile capabilities and is designed for individuals—sort of the “here’s the money for pizza” model.

If the person you’re sending the money to doesn’t even have an Internet connection, that will work, via Xoom’s partnership with money transfer services.  They can go in and grab actual cash if they’d like, with, for example, 912 locations in Bolivia.

The Xoom app is for mobile transfers.  Once you enter your information, it’s stored and ready to go: you just press “send.”  The app gives you a calculator for fees and charges.

If you transfer via bank account, you’re looking at a $6.99 fee, $10.99 for debit and credit cards.

Mostly for personal and probably sporadic transfers or funds, Xoom has its own unique functioning that may fit the bill for your needs.