Print Your Own Business Cards

Digital age or no, it’s still important to be able to pop out a physical business card.

Does the business card make you think of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, flannel shirts, and buying CD’s down at the local store?  Is it for suckers who heedlessly stomp on existing technology?  Not so fast.  As I’ll sketch below, there’s still a place for little rectangular business cards, and thanks to today’s technology, they can be produced online for free.

Even in the world of EBay Paypal, and Skype, many deals are still brokered by a handshake (a physical one–be sure it’s firm).  No one has replaced the in-person meeting, where ideas are translated clearly,  and where negotiations can firm up quickly.

A thriving and manicured network of contacts coupled with good ideas, a sturdy business model and a potent entrepreneurial drive can be central to your company’s prosperity and future growth.

But Don’t Spend a Mint

A quick online search will lead to a bevy of sites and offering to design and create your business cards, but at a serious cost.

Maybe going a little less expensive is your preference.  And this may allow you to wield more discretion in choosing your designs.  In a way that is analogous to 3D printing, there are now services for such design-oriented do-it-yourselfers.

These websites provide a versatile service that affords users a great degree of control over both their  business cards, both in their appearance and method of creation.  Top sites typically allow users to design their own card, using one of the site’s own templates as a starting point, but allowing control over elements including font, color and layout.Billbusinesscard

A few things to take into consideration: do the color scheme, layout and aesthetic meet your needs?  What impresion are you going for, overall, and how does this fit with your business model?

The Bottom Line

Here are some of the sites providing these services

  • is a software package–downloadable–which features hundreds of business card templates.
  • allows users to design their own business cards and then order them delivered or print them.
  • offers a  range of options and style and is forgiving for a tight budget.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be spending nothing or next to nothing, and should get exactly what you want.  Most of these options allow you to keep the quantities manageable, or at least what you want.  All elements of this approach afford you greater flexibility.