Top Paypal Alternatives for 2014: ebid

Say “eBay” very quickly and someone might hear “eBid.”  While eBay is, of course, a very well-known online marketplace, eBid is no newcomer, having been around since 1998.

eBid trades in dizzying versatility, the auction site offering event tickets, collectibles, hobbies, even large wholesale lots.

One facet that eBid likes to tout is its lack of seller fees.  For life, it tells potential sellers.  No fees for life!  That doesn’t mean it’s a free site, it just means that individual listings aren’t subject to fees.  One pays a membership fee (free t-shirt) and goes from there.

The various types of auction run on eBid are:

  • free- these run 3+ days, and incur for the seller, a 3% Final Value fee upon sale.
  • featured- a seller can opt a featured option, putting her item at the top of the category
  • gallery- available to folks with “seller +” credentials.  These not only give the seller 5 free pics but a thumbnail gallery, an option many prefer, perceiving heavy value in strong visuals.  The Final Value fee here is 2%
  • platinum- despite its name, this isn’t,by many definitions, the most tricked-out of the auctions.  The seller gets just one thumbnail for a 5 cent fee, though there is auto-renewal capability.
  • run until sold- as the name implies, this auction doesn’t have a built-in clock.  In exchange for getting this sort of infinity, the seller allows her items to end up at the very bottom of the relevant category

A few brass-tacks things to know about eBid are that it attracts 15 million visitors per year, with 8 million page impressions per month.  The site is probably best for people who plan to sell at least regularly, even if not professionally, at high volumes.  The various auctions require various levels of status, and this involves various longterm memberships with their fees.  It’s worth checking out.