How To Save Money on Your Phone Bill

We like to have great cell phone plans, and a lot of people think having the most options for communications is what really enhances your business.

But this is the frugal entrepreneur, so we’re here to help you make money by saving money. One way you can use your communications plan to help your business is by not allowing it to be a burden or financial drain. Your cell phone bill for your business is an avenue for savings.


Whether you’re paying only your own cell phone bill or you’re subsidizing those of your employees, you may be successful in acquiring a new plan from your provider. In a sluggish economy, communications companies are sometimes making successions to remain competitive.

Employee Discounts

Along with your renegotiation can be discounts for any employees, often ranging from 15-30%.

Cut the Extras

The idea here is not to have the most souped-up phone, with more features than all your friends have. You might find ways to cut bells and whistles like ring tones, mp3’s, anything not directly related to calls. As low as some of these are alone, they add up together, month by month.

Manage Your Minutes

Savings are to be had from using your minutes properly. Some providers will adjust the start times for your weekend and night minutes in a way that’s favorable. If it’s possible to make more of your calls during the cheaper times, that can help too.

Special Plans

Zero-minute or other plans are out there, often not advertised. Ask and shop around.


Be sure to have a texting plan that fits your company’s needs—don’t pay for more texts than you really need, etc.

Skype and So On

You may get a lot of mileage out of the voice components of Skype or may use e-mail as much as possible as an alternative to actual phone calls.

Finally, use your savvy. You have your own needs, your own business, your own plan—if you make a project of trying to find ways, you’ll be able to. Frugality is a mindset and a way of life.