Best Home Business: Start a Green Cleaning Company

Green cleaning fills a niche and isn’t expensive to start.

It can be hard to know which type of business to start up, and finding a good niche can be at least half the battle.  Keeping on top of the latest trends is key, and that’s what we’re here for.  Each year, a few hot new industries spring up, and this year, Green cleaning is one of them.  It’s nice, isn’t it, when a new trend springs up that doesn’t involve an i-phone app or any other Silicon Valley wizardry.  We’re not all Evan Spiegel, and we don’t have to be.  While high-tech is way cool, the old fashioned things will always be with us, particularly if we can put a new spin on them.

What is Green Cleaning?

Many cleaning products are the scourge of the environment.  Green cleaning products aren’t harmful, since they are made of ingredients not including chemically reactive agents.  They put less chemicals into the air and contribute less to landfills, waste, etc., since they are biodegradeable.  Many businesses are going to green cleaning as a way of protecting their employees and taking a stand for the environment.  That gives you, the entrepreneur, a serious leg up.

Is it Easy Being Green?

There’s no question that, as with any business, green cleaning takes a bit of legwork.  What makes your business viable and competitive will also require some time and energy.  The big cachet comes in being bonded and insured, and you also need to be branded as “green,” and at the same time being sure to understand the requirements and classifications.

The next thing to do is market yourself.  Without question, the word “green” or something similar should be in the name of your business, or at least in a subtitle.  Your website and all marketing materials must highlight the greenness of your cleaning.  You may not want to be too militant or come across as touchy-feely or fanatical about the environment.  Just market the thing as the right thing to do and as something that can help the commercial entities that will be your bread and butter.

Next, you’ll have to draw up a price schedule and contractual stipulations.  Yes, green products will make your services a bit costly, and your clients will be willing to pay these rates for the added benefits of your service.  Other than that, one of the biggest factors in the price you’ll be charging will be the overall area of the space.

An Inexpensive Startup

Just about the biggest draw of green startups is that it’s known to be very inexpensive to start.  You already have the phone; a website is very inexpensive; you’re going to your client’s business so you won’t be paying rent for office space; you can start with no employees.  Your main expense is cleaning products and supplies.  It behooves you to shop around and carefully strategize to find the lowest prices and strike a balance between being incomplete and having your capital wrapped up in supplies you really won’t use.


As your business really takes off, you can probably branch out in marketing and selling some product.  You may offer environmentally-friendly paper products and cleaning sprays and detergents.  If you have the infrastructure for this set up on your web site, you’ll find that the business itself will be your best marketer.  You’ll get interest from the personnel at the business you clean, who will want to know what makes your products so environmentally friendly.  Your customers will wonder if it’s something they too can tap into.

Cleaning isn’t a fad or something that will go away soon.  And that’s probably true of the green movement, too.  It may be relatively new, but it’s not going anywhere, not until some enormous improvements in our global situation are made.