Creating a Successful Twitter Party

A Twitter Party is a live and free virtual party held on the Twitter Network.

It is a method for people to get together and discuss a topic of choice and is a great way to make friends through social media. They are usually in the evening and about 1-2 hours long with a host in charge of keeping the party on topic. Twitter parties are an excellent way to introduce new products or services, create traffic to your website or get involved with a group of people in your industry or niche.

How To Get Involved?

The host will announce the hashtag prior to the event and if you look at the Twitter Party Calendar you will find the appropriate party. Tweetdeck and TweetGrid can be used to follow a Twitter Party more easily.

How To Create a Twitter Party?

Consider your audience, making it as accessible as possible for them to attend. You will want to choose an appropriate time according to your audience’s time zone.

Create a short hashtag that relates easily to your topic and check your hashtag in the Hashtracking Explorer Tool to ensure that it is not in use. This helps you avoid confusion and unrelated tweets regarding your topic.

Generate buzz about the event. Posting and Tweeting on all forms of Social Media will ensure that you are giving the upcoming event exposure to ensure a large attendance. You can create an Invitation Page with the event details (Name, Hashtag, Time, Host etc.) on your website with both the hashtag and the URL. Another method to create audience is by providing a prize. This is optional, however; a giveaway may get people more interested in attending. Also remember to create buzz a couple weeks in advance right up until the event starts so you can ensure a larger audience for your party.

Create Tweets and Topics in Advance. Have your topics you want to touch on ready as well as answers to commonly asked questions to keep the party moving. If you have a few tweets created in advance you can ensure involvement in the party at all times. Although you will be actively participating in your party having some welcoming tweets, introductory tweets, tweets concerning giveaway and closing tweets you can ensure things run smoothly.

Thank your guests for attending and keep in touch! Ask your attendees to follow you and you may want to follow them since they likely have an interest in your topic or what you have to offer.