How To Set Up a Successful Facebook Contest

Facebook contests are a great way to gather information and bring exposure to your page. With the amount of users on Facebook it is a method of marketing that can be used on any budget.

If you are planning to run a contest here is a step by step guide to ensure you are using the appropriate methods to launch and run a successful campaign.

  1. The First step is to decide what the GOAL or outcome of the contest is. For example do you want more likes on your page? Do you want more exposure? Or are you looking for email addresses and contact information for marketing material?
  2. Decide what TYPE of contest do you want to run? Sweepstakes and Giveaways are best for trying to increase your likes and collecting email addresses. Contests that require participation are great for brand building, exposure and collecting marketing material.
  3. Write out an Official Plan. This includes your goal, the contents of the page, the prize and the marketing techniques you will use.
  4. Check Facebook Rules and Regulations and read carefully for any specific policies. Facebook has a team dedicated to monitoring and enforcing policies and are likely to suspend your page if not followed. A Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer can assist you in running your contest smoothly and compliant with all policies.
  5. Find the right Platform to run your contest. You need a contest app that will host contest and handle voting and information for you. It is against Facebook Policy to directly run a contest through Facebook. Some examples of third party apps include Tabsite, Woobox, Easy Contest and Fanzila.
  6. Launch the contest and check through various browsers to make sure it is running smoothly. Make any changes necessary.
  7. Market. Having a solid communication plan to get the word out will bring more individuals to your page. This includes status posts, email updates and press releases. By sharing information on all social media platforms you can assure for the most exposure of your contest.
  8. When selecting the winner do not notify through Facebook. This is against Facebook policy and the winner must be contacted via phone or email.
  9. Follow up on various marketing channels regarding the winner in order to show that the contest is legitimate. This will increase the chance that individuals will enter future contests.
  10. Collect and interpret the data that you collected. Study what worked well and what didn’t in order to improve future campaigns.

You can now get started! With the proper knowledge, plan in place, and marketing techniques you can now launch a smooth and successful Facebook contest. As you run more contests over time you will gather more information to motivate your fans and target the appropriate audience.