Social Media Nightmare or Sweet Dreams – Depends on Your Response!

Wow, the idea of contacting a business “personally” without all of the screening that used to go on is unimaginable.

Now, all a customer has to do is to place a post on Facebook, on your business blog, or Tweet about an experience, good, bad and or ugly and now there are thousands and thousands of people reading the post and sharing.

If this makes your heart rate speed up a little and you feel a little sweat on the brow, don’t worry, If handled properly, it can be a fantastic tool for ALL customers to see that THIS business cares and wants to be able to reach out and provide fantastic service to everyone.

Customers just want to be heard and valued it can be turned into a positive experience for both.

Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts on how to respond to a disgruntled customer:


1) Offer an Apology and a Solution:

As long as there are humans alive there will be mistakes and people are aware of this. For the most part, many just want to see that what they have experienced will be corrected and that someone values their discontentment. Turn this type of customer from an unhappy one into an evangelist for your business.


1) Ignore the complaint:

If the same customer approached the same complaint in person would they be ignored? Of course not, give them the same courtesy online as you would in person. This is the new way of customer interaction. Take advantage of it and let everyone see how great your company is at handling the “tough” complaints as well as the great complements.

2) Delete the comment:

It wasn’t there, it didn’t happen. Not a great approach either. This will frustrate even more and believe me EVERYONE will hear about it. Word of mouth is one of the biggest forms of advertising.

3) Pacify with an empty apology:

People are aware of when they are not taken seriously and this just exacerbates the situation. Remember, you are not the only one who will “see” this information posted. Most importantly though this means does not offer a solution and most likely the customer will not give your business another opportunity to “right” the “wrong.”

Keep in mind that no matter how awesome your business is, mistakes do happen and people do become upset. With the continued growth of social media platforms, people are now expecting results via this means. Take advantage of this opportunity to prove how fabulous your business really is.