17 Alternatives to eBay in 2013 for Online Sellers and Small Businesses

This post was edited on February 21, 2013.

For the majority of online buyers and sellers, eBay has become synonymous with the online marketplace. But even with hundreds of millions of registered users and over $9 billion in revenue, many are not happy with the platform. Here are 17 worthy (and often cheaper) alternatives to the eBay juggernaut.

Like it or Leave it: eBay is Still the King of Online Marketplaces

Even those who are not so fond of eBay still have to admit that the site remains the go-to place to buy and sell a wide variety of items worldwide. The statistics, such as those mentioned above, speak for themselves, and sellers in particular cannot overlook the potential exposure that can be achieved by building up a presence on the site.

Nevertheless, there is a significant population of users who are unhappy with eBay. The most frequent complaints include: expensive seller fees, intense competition, and weak markets in select niches- typically in crafts and certain groups of collectible items.

To fill in the gap, there has been a growing set of rising stars- online marketplaces that are gaining in popularity and interest. Each offers services and a setup that differs from eBay and that may be better suited to certain industries and business models. Many experts in online selling recommend that sellers and small business owners continue to maintain a presence on eBay, but they should also try out some of these other sites in order to supplement their income.

17 eBay Alternatives for Buyers and Sellers

Here are 17 of the most popular eBay alternatives (not in any particular order) that online buyers and sellers may want to consider using:

1. Artfire

Artfire is an online marketplace with a focus on crafts, craft supplies, vintage goods, and fine art. Unlike eBay, sellers pay no fees unless they choose to open a Pro account. In that case, they pay a monthly subscription fee. There are several helpful features to the site including: SEO tools, a coupon feature, and Google Analytics integration. Artfire also receives high marks for customer service and the overall administration of the site.


2. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane has a decent following among the buyers and sellers of high-end antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. Though many of the site’s users consider it to be a worthwhile and profitable venue, some users, however, may find their fee structure to be a bit expensive (and even prohibitive in some cases). It really depends on what is being sold and how much the sellers build up their storefronts.


3. Bonanza

Bonanza is a general online marketplace offering fixed price listings on general merchandise, including fashion items and collectibles. Compared to other sites, Bonanza has one of the lowest fees- which is a draw for those who need to keep their overhead costs down. However, there is no auction-style buying and selling, and the site is a virtual no-name when compared to the likes of eBay.


4. Ebid

Ebid is like eBay’s smaller, less well-known brother. It offers several merchant programs including, auctions, fixed price transactions, and storefronts. EBid is also notably a Google Shopping Marketplace Partner. One key feature to the site is the “Ninja listing tool” that allows for bulk uploading. There is also a very reasonable fee structure.


5. iOffer


Like many of the other sites in this list, iOffer supports an auction format, and sellers can also sell items at a fixed price. What makes iOffer unique, however, is its swaps and trades platform. Sellers can automatically receive a storefront when they upgrade to a seller account. The store and all listings are free, and they will only pay a fee when items are sold.


6. Amazon

Amazon has been supporting a successful non-auction merchant program for a while now.  But, if you are looking for a break from seller fees, you won’t find them here.  On Amazon,  sellers can create either an individual or business account, each with different features. Both accounts have the option to use the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program, allowing sellers to store and ship their products from Amazon fulfillment centers. Individual accounts will incur fees only when an item sells- a feature that may work well for low sales volume. Professional accounts have a monthly charge but also have lower selling fees than individual accounts. With a professional account sellers can add their own products to, but individual accounts are limited to existing products.


7. Etsy

For those who create handmade items or sell craft supplies or vintage products, is a compelling alternative to eBay. has a unique culture and an exceptionally loyal following of buyers. The site does have some restrictions, however: items must either be hand-made by the seller, over 20 years old, or be commercial or handmade crafting supplies. Though setting up a storefront is free, fees are charged for listing items with an initial listing period of four months.



TIAS is one of the oldest marketplaces, offering fixed price transactions in antiques, collectibles, arts and crafts, and jewelry. The site also provides sellers with various store formats to choose from as well as several levels of customer support. TIAS does have a minimum fee requirement, but if a seller’s TIAS commissions are higher than the minimum fee, then only the commission is paid. Other services provided by TIAS include the submission of auctions automatically to eBay and the sending of listings to over 2000 classified ad networks.


9. Ealtbay

Ealtbay alternative to ebay

The online auction website EAltBay was initially created so that those who buy and sell legal items that have been banned by eBay would have a place to set up and browse online auctions. Ealtbay offers free listings and very reasonable final value fees. There are also several payment options including PayPal.


10. Delcampe

Delcampe is an online auction specializing in antiques and collectibles, including stamps, coins, and postcards, though other items can also be found there. Like Ealtbay above the fees are pretty reasonable and there are a variety of payment options.



ecrater alternative to ebay

eCRATER is both a free web store builder and an online marketplace. There are millions of products listed, and addition to the free and easy webs store builder, sellers can use Google Wallet at checkout

All listed items area also submitted to Google Product Search. Finally, there is a feature that allows sellers to import their products from eBay.


12. Bidstart

bidstart alternative to ebay

Bidstart is another online auction specializing in collectibles. The fees here are about half that of eBay, so it’s definitely worth some consideration.


13. Storenvy

Storenvy is an online store platform that hosts about 19,000 creative entrepreneurs and small businesses, for a total of over 320,000 different products. The best part is that Storenvy is that the service is totally free for both buyers and sellers.




Here’s another really cool option for online buyers or business owners looking to update their equipment, furnishings, or other inventory. This is a fast moving penny auction site. You have to pay a small fee to place a bid (currently it’s $0.60), but the savings (as much as 95% off the retail price on a brand new item) can be shocking. Just expect to spend a little time getting used to the site and how it works to learn how and when to place a bid. Once you get the hang of it, you can really score some deals. Just beware, it can get addictive!


15. Asos Marketplace


At Asos Marketplace, fashion minded people from around the world can buy and sell new, pre-owned and vintage fashion, whether it comes from designer labels and boutiques or from individuals wanting to sell individual pieces. The site is well laid-out and clean, and all of the photos on the site are shot by real people in regular conditions, so you get a better idea of what the clothes will look like out on the street. People on the site can set their own prices, so the savings can be really great, and the customer service and return policies are solid.

16. stays true to the off-line auction where the highest bid wins. The site features a low $8 monthly membership fee, no listing or re-listing fees, and no sales commissions. Sellers can post personal website information with every listing.

17. is a marketplace where professional buyers can source commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in an online environment. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. Product categories include: apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, and even vehicles.

Although eBay is a popular and successful venue for online buying and selling, there are several other options that can greatly increase exposure and online sales and improve the buying experience.


  1. Adam Gottlieb says

    By the way… what kinds of products are you selling? Do you have your own website, or use other platforms, or were you relying exclusively on eBay?

  2. frenchy simmons says

    I bought 7 items from a seller in China. Each listing clearly stated “combined shipping on items purchased within 3 days.” They charged me 6.95 per item to ship. I disputed the shipping overcharge to no avail. The seller wrote me that “we charge shipping extra so not have to pay ebay fees” Literally..that’s what they wrote me. I chose NOT TO PURCHASE the items. Ebay sent non paying bidder notices for each item & I responded to each notice. Later I found that ebay had restricted me from “buy it now” items (although I could bid on them anyway and pay @ auction end) & that there is a non paying bidder filter for sellers. (Sellers who use this one do themselves a disservice.) I do know that the seller had several thousand items listed so it’s no surprise that ebay would take their side. In the case of someone who sells more infrequently, I know ebays loyalty would reside w/the buyer.

  3. says

    Another eBay alternative is UniSquare: . There are absolutely no listing fees, no commission or final value fees, no registration fees and no monthly fees – just 100% free. Members can list unlimited items and build their own free customized web stores online with custom category names and structure. There are plenty of other features at UniSquare, and it is 100% free to use.

  4. Chris says

    Everyone knows that Ebay’s fees are too high. It’s time for some new players! Here’s one to look It’s a whole new concept and totally changes the way we think about selling items quickly, It lets you list multiple listings from the one ad by tagging like you would on Facebook. Def worth a look.

  5. Jimmy E says

    Wow, look at all the anti-eBayers :)

    Is there any one site of those mentioned above that comes the closest to eBay?

  6. Johanna M. Beauregard says

    Are you are fed up of being shut out of auctions because the eBay seller does not ship to your country? The same goes for online retailers who refuse to ship to your destination.

    When you sign up with BPM, you get local shipping addresses in 6 countries.
    Drop points include: USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. You then use these for buying from whom you want, regardless of where the seller ships or not.

    You then have all your purchases combined into one, even from the different countries, and use the parcel mail forwarding service to have everything sent home in only one shipment, wherever you are in the world!

    Membership for renting these addresses and using the service is only 5€ per month.
    You can check it out on

  7. Mike G. says

    MY PROBLEM IS WITH PAYPAL ON EBAY….it seems when you get close to you max, they want you to give them a bank account number which I find odd, especially since they have the credit card number. If you don’t want to do that, they “push” their Master Charge credit card. To me it’s a load of crap. There is no reason to give your bank account number when the original purpose of credit card was not to have to give personal info,

  8. says

    I left eBay two and a half years ago due to the fees (which have since increased), the constant rule changes and the stupid DSR’s where a couple of morons can leave low scores and cause all sorts of problems. I joined eBid and it was the best move I have ever made. The traffic is obviously lower compared to eBay, but from my own experience it is growing almost every month. The article only touches on the advantages of eBid. FVF;s from 2%, no listing fees, 5 free stores, great customer support and more. A word of caution though for anybody who wants to give it a go. Do not think that you can simply list items and sell them like on eBay. A little more thought and effort has to be put into it. My advice is to go to the forums, have a read, ask for advice, but definitely give it a try.

  9. says

    eBid is the closest to eBay in what you can do and what you can list. For example you can have auctions, Buy It Now, Make An Offer, open stores and list most types of item. It also operates in 23 countries as a full site worldwide can purchase. Another advantage is that you can use not only PayPal but Google, Moneybookers, PPPay and a few other payment methods.

  10. says

    On eBid your fees would have been less than $0.10. Though you would still have to give eBay some money through Paypal fees. I have done the maths, and anyone selling low priced items on eBay is wasting their time, there is simply no profit in it after the fees.

  11. says

    For people who have an EXCEPTIONALLY rare fishing item to sell, the folks at Bamboo Baits may display your item on their Rare and Exotic page for free – you pay nothing – they get no commission.

  12. says

    With ebay making major changes in fees, charging more from the sellers and putting a restriction on the minimum resolutions required to upload the product’s photo.. I believe the best would be to look for an alternative which is best in the competition and which allows you to keep all your earning to yourself and not share it. Where sellers can:
    1. Create Free listings
    2. No Transaction Fees
    3. Auto sync with ebay..carry all your listings from ebay along with the ratings and feedbacks in just a click.
    4. Free integration with Google products (which auto populates the product description form for you, saving your precious time) and Google Shopping (which tells anyone who search on google to buy a product that it is available on our website, which by the way we pay for and provide you the service absolutely free)
    5. Payment option like Paypal and Amazon for the most secure transactions
    6. which does not allow you to leave a feedback for a cancelled transaction
    7. a platform that not only list your products but also organise your customers and market your product in your network
    8. a platform where you are just not dependent on ratings but also can leverage your social and professional profiles using log in through facebook, linkedin or google accounts
    9. A platform that allows you to know the counterparty and build trust on the basis of work profile, school, college and other such dimensions.
    10.Unlike ebay it has just one website (not different website for every country) so you can sell products worldwide and buy awesome products from across the globe as well
    11. Unlike Ebay you can upload any resolution image and do not need only high resolution images to upload
    12. Last but not the least it is absolutely free

    And so the website that gives you all this is

    We have released our beta version and the new website with all these points said above will be launched soon in June, 2013.

    We request all the sellers to list their product and leave us a feedback to help us improve more and give you a splendid experience of selling online.

  13. Ben Albu says

    I was only buying on Ebay for many years. Recently I bought a camera in Japan (body, lens, prism finder). The prism finder was defect. I tried to negotiate about it with the seller but he only wanted to refund me 100$ for the prism. Normal price is 400$! for this. (on Ebay). Sending it back was no option because I also had to pay 180$ Customs Tax on arrival. I would also lose the sending costs.So I opened a case and explained the situation. I only got an automated message back. Their solution was to send back the item. They even didn’t take notice of the fact that I would lose a lot of money then. I believe they even didn’t read my message. After that I had to close the case without a solution. The interface is made in that way that you have to close the case without a solution. Then I deleted my account. I hate them. Ebay sucks nowadays!

  14. Jeanine says

    I just wanted to let you know what just happened to us as sellers on Ebay. We sold an item with a perfect description on Ebay on 4-8-13. The buyer came back on 5-21-13 as said that we had mis-represented the item and they wanted to return for a full refund. Ebay did not even investigate this and automatically granted the request. They are forcing us to refund $400.00 because the buyer decided after 6 weeks that they did not want this item. My husband called the customer service dept and spoke with a rep who admitted that we had NOT misrepresented the item that was sold and apologized but said that an email had already been sent to the buyer to return the item and that they would be given a full refund. I was furious and called Ebay myself when I got home, and guess what- All I got was a condesending customer service guy that kept apologizing but in the end- we have to refund. Absolutely rediculous! I told my husband that we will not be selling on Ebay anymore- Their policies protect buyers only! Where else can you go and decide after 6 weeks that you do not want something and return it for a full refund! Unbelieveable!

  15. Viola says

    I totally understand what you are saying. It has happened to me the same way. The only thing is I was suspended permanantly for no reason. After 13 years and not even 1 neg, they decide they don’t like the way I do business because I fought every one of the people that would do that to me & would win the case. I am ready to start a lawsuit against ebay for all the crap they are doing to the people. That is just not fair.

  16. Jason says

    I am sick and tired of Ebay screwing over the seller!!! I had two people leave negative feedback for me, stating that the item was not as described. The item, however, was EXACTLY as described!!! These buyers didn’t READ the ENTIRE AD!!! Because of these two (out of hundreds) statements of and item not being as described, Ebay has began holding my money, and have reduced my visibility in searches. This has KILLED my business!!! As well, Ebay will no longer allow sellers to leave negative feedback for deadbeats who never pay for items. SICK AND TIRED OF EBAY!!!

  17. Annette says

    Ebay works entirely on fear. Sellers shake in their shoes every time they send out an order because ebay sets them up to fail from the outset. Ebay ‘estimates’ the arrival date of an item. When something goes wrong – it is the seller’s fault and the buyer is entitled to a refund right away. How exactly is the seller to blame for what errors the postal system might make? Not to mention customs taking their time processing an order. The next hurdle is the buyer’s satisfaction. If a buyer has the smallest concern then they are entitled to a refund. If a buyer opens a case for whatever reason, they are entitled to a refund and not only is the money ripped out of the seller’s account – the seller pays for the that as well. Once it is clear that the seller did nothing wrong the fee to hold the money is not refunded. I had a buyer open a not received case the day he received the order. Sometimes these buyers don’t realize the item is in their house because someone else signed for the parcel, or they are just plain morons. I had a woman open a ‘not received case’ only to find out that she had been left a card by her mailman to come pick the item up that day. When I emailed her this information she told me that she didn’t spend her life on the computer like I did – she had a life and had things to do. None of this would be so bad, although it takes time to solve each case, except that ebay will hold these cases, or what they call ‘defects’ against a seller for a year. This is an excuse to hold your funds and collect the interest over the next 21 days while the seller gets to spend money on shipping costs and waits to see if he or she will be ripped off by a buyer. What other company can hold your money for the sale of your merchandise for as long as they like and make your life a misery like ebay does day after day, year after year? You pay to have a store, you pay to list an item for sale, you pay a percentage to ebay when the item sells, you pay to have the payment go through Paypal and you pay when the buyer complains – refunding the entire purchase price. Ebay is disgusting! I can’t remember dealing with a company that I hate more. And then there are the ‘customer service’ reps. Most of them don’t speak English, all of them use the same script – they are sorry, they understand, they are glad to help – of course they never do. Sellers are held to impossibly high standards, are blamed for everything, mainly shipping problem we have no control over, yet ebay’s employees are mostly screw-ups. This is ok with ebay because sellers are not supposed to get any help anyway. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY WITH EBAY. I always joke that I’m surprised that they don’t charge you to breathe while on ebay.

    The other day I had one rep say to me that ebay needed to keep buyers happy because if they weren’t happy then they wouldn’t come back to buy something else – in other words ebay wants their money. All problems, etc., are taking out of the seller’s profits – not ebay’s, so it’s easy for them to be on the buyer’s side all the time.

    The day their feedback policy changed was the day I realized that the party was over. I should be able to tell everybody that a buyer tried to rip me off, or ripped me off, or threatened to leave negative feedback if I didn’t do what they wanted. Disgusting!

  18. Justin says

    Hi there,
    I’m the co-founder of a startup called
    We’re essentially a cross between eBay and Craigslist.

    Check us out, and if you like what you see,
    please consider adding us to this list!

    Thank you.
    -Justin Comino

  19. Steven says

    Yes. Ebay is losing sellers. FAST. The only new accounts they get are those in foreign countries using fake US addresses to create accounts. Ebay is NOT the place you want to sell anything of value. The new Buyer Protection rules allow someone to buy your goods, open a case, get a refund, AND keep your items. Trust me. Happened more than once to me so they can deny such all they wish.

    If you use the US Postal Service and are scammed; REPORT IT TO THE POSTAL SERVICE! Unlike eBay; they will investigate it. Any foolish rule eBay comes up with is not law; but using a government entity to defraud someone is in fact a federal offense.

    The best thing to do is…close your accounts on eBay. Do not sell on eBay. Without honest sellers; eBay will fail. QUICKLY! At this rate; eBay is becoming nothing more than an overhyped dollar store of cheap, imported goods.

    There are countless videos on YouTube that show people how to use the buyer protection system to get items for free…and eBay does nothing to change that.

    Seriously. Go to Etsy. use Visa Checkout. Avoid eBay AND PayPal at all costs. No company (claiming to be separate now) has a right to go into your account of money on another “separate” business and take your money back. that is in fact illegal. Ebay and PayPal are now separate so one does NOT have the right to go in to another business and steal from you. That is fraud at its best. Others are prosecuted for such. Ebay can also not legally charge you a FINAL VALUE FEE on shipping legally. The post office does not get that money. Ebay does. So they are using a federal agency for momentary gains.

    Go elsewhere. Prove to eBay that without honest sellers….there is no eBay. It really is that simple for sellers to take a stand against such criminal activity that is NOT law, but foolish rules created by someone who is overpaid for lacking realistic views. Not even Walmart allows 180 days to return something. Ebay isn’t all that…anymore. They ruined it. Now sellers…show them how quickly they can fail; or change it up. We cant even leave negative feedback for scamming buyers anymore. Its all about the “scam”. Not you..

    As for eCrater. .. I would skip that too. One day you can be minding your own business and an eCrater volunteer will put a hold on your account stating that you had broke one of their rules. They leave it up to you to find which rule you broke. They will not tell you what you had did wrong, only that you broke the eCrater agreement. You can have pending sales and all of a sudden an eCrater volunteer placed your account on hold. Then the pending buyers leave you negative feedback for not fulfilling their order. eCrater staff do this to monopolize the seller hierarchy.

  20. umya says

    I believe it’s about time to have a class action lawsuit against eBay for unfair business practices and use of monopoly to suppress sellers. If I start a petition, would you like to sign up as a party to the lawsuit?

  21. cmax56 says

    I am selling well on eBay right now, and my only complaint is that half the members have stopped giving feedback. Makes no difference I am the buyer or seller – about half leave feedback. I even posted a question on the community forum, and was immediately trolled for asking. Several even threatened to leave me negs just for asking! How the hell is that even possible? It makes no sense. eBay was established as a community that left feedback for each other, and now it’s all about the bottom line.

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