20 Alternatives to EBay, 2014

These e-bay alternatives are the Best for 2014

Here are a few alternatives to EBay for your online selling needs. These days, there’s no reason not to avail yourself of a few choices.

1. OnlineAuction.com

As the name implies, the selling on this site is run as an auction. It’s menu-driven, with pull-down menus doing a lot of the work for you to organize your listing. You pay an $8 monthly fee instead of listing fees.

2. Shopify’s Facebook Store App

Shopify’s Facebook Store app, lets you go beyond “likes” on you Facebook business page. With this “uber” convenient app, you upload your products to Facebook so that your fans can see them, share them and… purchase them! The setup is quick and straightforward, you’ll be up and open for business in just a few minutes. No hassle!: your Facebook business page will be automatically synced with your Shopify store, without any extra work! All features and function of your Shopify store are also available for your Facebook business page. Go for it!

3. Ebid.com

Ebid excels by offering a wide variety of selling fees and membership fees—as for the latter, the 30-day plan is just $6.99. Most users of this auction site appreciate the clearly-stated and flexible programs.

4. ePier.com

No selling fees or value fees here, just a $9.99 monthly store set-up fee. The abundance of categories appeals to a lot of pierers.

5. Delcampe.net

Specialized marketplaces are always great. They bring in the audience you want, allowing you to reach the folks most-likely interested in what you’re selling. One such place is Delcampe which caters to serious enthusiasts of collectibles, crafts, antiques and the like. You can upload items in formats as simple and easy as Excel.

6. Ruby Lane.com

Ruby Lane boasts 1.8 million unique visitors daily. Customers seem to be selective, looking for high-end collectibles.

7. Bonanza.com

This marketplace doesn’t run on the auction format, but does offer low fees. A seller can import her items from Etsy, Amazon, and even the granddaddy, EBay.

8. Etsy.com

Etsy is not for everyone, but probably works well in the particular niche it fills. It deals only with handmade items or those over twenty years old. Etsy offers free setup with fees per listing.

9. eCrater.com

This site allows for building a store or listing on the site at large. The categories are numerous, and the site offers millions of products. There’s also the Crater community, which is extensive and well-developed, offering opportunities for promoting your wares.

10. Toms One For One Marketplace

Toms offers a community for socially-conscious entrepreneurs. It’s a marketplace with a unique mission, founded in 2013. Many of the companies use a percentage of their profits for important charities, and customers can search for products based on which causes they serve, whether it be education, animals, children, etc.

11. Amazon.com

Ever hear of it? With Amazon, the question is whether you have an individual or professional account, and whether or not you ship via Amazon fulfillment centers. If you’ll be selling at any volume, the pro account is clearly the way to go. Generally, whatever the strengths of Amazon, it isn’t low fees.

12. Quibids.com

The particular niche of this site, for entrepreneurs, is a way to land some equipment and other business-oriented supplies. The site trades in factory closeouts, brand new, sealed items at mind-boggling prices.

13. Ealtbay.com

Here’s something interesting, a rebel and renegade’s platform. Ealtbay was developed to right some of the wrongs of Ebay. Initially it was for selling items banned by the Big E, but has grown beyond that and now offers much more.

14. Scottsmarketplace.com

Here’s one for the little guy, a site that opens its arms to home businesses, companies with local ownership, and local retailers, barring publically-traded companies and national chains. You get a free year with a 5% transaction fee.

15. Unisquare.com

What’s the catch here? Maybe there just isn’t one. No seller fees, no listing fees, commissions, no fees of any kind. Just list and go from there—keep your profits.

16. Webstore.com

This warhorse has been around since 2007. It fancies itself the “Robin Hood” of online marketplaces due to its lack of fees, and has many awards to back the claim. It does employee verification and other safety methods.

17. Tophatter.com

This site gives a platform for homemade items, crafts, so forth. It does, it must be noted, charge 10% fees.

18. Blujay.com

Here’s another free marketplace, one that promises complete and utter lack of fees exactly as Unisquare.com. No expiration, no buyer and seller fees.

19. TripleClicks.com

TripleClicks emphasizes the bargain, and teams with shopify to allow for online stores. Sellers don’t pay listing fees, surrendering a small fee upon selling.

20. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS bills itself as fashion democracy. Boutiques, small stores, and individuals alike put their clothes up for sale. The site abounds with photos of everyday folks wearing the items, ahsring their styles with the rest of the world.