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Welcome to The Frugal Entrepreneur’s collection of free business forms, letters, and templates for small and home-based businesses. While there are currently numerous sites online offering “thousands” of printable business documents and templates that are free to download, I have found that most of these offerings are poor in quality or are unsuitable to the needs of either small and home-based companies or the self-employed.

I therefore decided to put together this collection of essential business documents. I hand picked and adapted all of these forms, templates, and sample business letters to specifically suit the needs of small and home businesses. Most of these documents are from my growing personal collection of files that I have used over the years for my own business transactions. (Where any document is from an outside source, the source and link are provided.)

If there are any small business templates, forms, or letters that are not listed here, but you cannot find a suitable example or free, printable download of it anywhere, then let me know, either by leaving a comment in the box below or by sending an email (you can click the email icon on the upper right-hand side of this page), and I’ll see what I can do.

And a final note… You may notice that I have conspicuously left out most legal-type business documentation. When it comes to these kinds of forms, which as mentioned above, are freely available on several websites, my advice is: do yourself a favor and hire a qualified attorney or CPA to make sure you don’t make a regrettable mistake down the road.


Free Business Forms, Letters, & Templates for Small Businesses by Category

Small Business Startup Documents

If you are starting a new business or are in the early growth stage, then check out The Frugal Entrepreneur’s Free Small Business Start-up Guide and Start-up Checklist
Startup Costs Budget Worksheet (12.0 KiB)- Use this startup cost budget worksheet to estimate the amount of money needed to start a new business and run it for the first 3 months to a year.
Sartup Cost Estimate (13.5 KiB)- Estimate the amount of money needed to get a business up and running.
Sample Functional Cover Letter 1 (13.0 KiB)-  Courtesy of SCORE. Includes helpful instructions and definitions?

Accounting & Financial Reporting Templates, and Forms

Income Statement Quarterly (19.0 KiB)- Easy-to-use income statement template broken down by quarters.
Actual Vs Budgeted Income Statement (12.0 KiB)- Use this yearly income statement template to compare actual versus budgeted values.
12 Month Income Statement (16.0 KiB)- Yearly income statement for small and home businesses.
12 Month Cash Flow Statment X2 (19.5 KiB)- An easy-to-use yearly cash flow statement in Excel.
12 Month Cash Flow Statement (15.0 KiB)-   A yearly cash flow statement with formulas, broken down by month.
Daily Cash Flow Sheet (12.5 KiB)- Use this daily cash flow sheet with embedded formulas to keep track of you daily cash flow position.
Thumb Employee Incident Report-100x120 (3.4 KiB)- Courtesy of SCORE. Includes helpful instructions and definitions?
Thumb Drug Testing-92x120 (5.2 KiB)-  Courtesy of SCORE. Includes helpful instructions and definitions?
Employee Performance Report (19.5 KiB)-  An easy-to-use operational budget template for small and home businesses?
Daily Cash Count Sheet (17.5 KiB)- Easy-to-use petty cash journal.
12 Month Sales Forecast (14.5 KiB)- Use this 1 year sales forecast template to project monthly sales over 7 product groups.
Breakeven Analysis (11.0 KiB)-  Calculate your break-even point based on fixed and variable costs.
Sample Paycheck Stub Template (25.0 KiB)- Use this form to reconcile actual cash on hand with the expected cash amount?
Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement (19.0 KiB)-  Reconcile company financial records with monthly bank statements.
Marketing Budget (20.0 KiB)- Make a yearly budget for your marketing initiatives broken down by month.

Human Resources/ Employment  Letters, Templates, and Forms
Employee Referral Form (14.5 KiB)- Use this form when employees recommend someone for a position in the company.
Employment Reference Check By Letter (22.0 KiB)- Send out this reference request letter to a potential hire’s former employers.
Job Description Template (19.5 KiB)- Use this generic template to create a job desciption for a new position.
Application For Employment (0.0 B)- Use this short, clear example of an employee application to hire workers for your small business.
Thumb Sample Functional Resume 2-96x120 (3.1 KiB)- Use this phone script to call a job applicant’s former employer for a reference check?
Employee Record (28.0 KiB)- Use this employee record template to record pertinent information about your workers.
Authorization Agreement For Direct Deposit (16.0 KiB)- This agreement form allows your business to make direct payroll deposits into an employee’s bank account.
Employee Performance Report (19.5 KiB)- A simple employee performance assessment that evaluates employees in several key areas, including time management and communication.
Emergency Contact Form (14.0 KiB)- Use this form to record your employees’ contact information in case of emergency.
Reverse Chron Resume 1 (15.5 KiB)- This form can be used to record accidents or injuries on the job as well as the actions that were taken after the fact?
Daily Time Sheet (20.5 KiB)- A simple daily time sheet template to log in worker hours.
Business Consultant Agreement (16.5 KiB)-  Business consultants, freelance workers, and small businesses looking to hire an independent contractor, can use this sample freelance worker agreement. But make sure to have it checked over by a legal professional to ensure that you are in line with federal and state laws.
Employee Work Schedule (22.5 KiB)- Record or post employee hours with this simple table.
Job Applicant Rejection Letter (13.0 KiB)- A simple letter to job applicants who are not being hired
Sample Paycheck Stub Template (25.0 KiB)-  A sample paycheck stub for employees who receive electronic payments.
Drug Testing Policy (15.0 KiB)- An example of a business drug testing policy.

Business Operations Documents and Templates

Inventory Report (35.0 KiB)- A simple spreadsheet to record items in inventory.

Inventory Count Sheet (23.5 KiB)- Use this inventory count template to record your inventory on hand.

Equipment Inventory List (39.0 KiB)- Keep track of your equipment on hand with this spreadsheet.

Equipment Lease Checklist (23.5 KiB)- Use this check list when considering an equipment lease to pick out any obscurities or predatory elements.

Auto Expense Travel Report (35.0 KiB)- Simple travel reimbursement form to track miles traveled.

Travel Expense Report (25.0 KiB)- Simple travel expense report template ideal for small and home businesses.

Packing List (29.5 KiB)- Use this packing list template when shipping products to customers.

Auto Expense Report (47.5 KiB)- Keep track of auto-related expenses with this auto expense report.

BillofSale (1) (12.5 KiB)- A simple bill of sale contract.

Travel Reimbursement Form (22.5 KiB)-  Track mileage, gas, and tolls with this auto expense form.

Commission Request Form (14.5 KiB)- Employees who earn a commission can use this form to record the transaction.

Customer Info Sheet (13.5 KiB)- Use this simple customer information template to keep a record of your customers’ important information. This document is also called a customer profile sheet.

Painting Estimate2 (28.5 KiB)- This cost estimate form is for a small painting or repair business. You can customize the items to suit your particular business.

Order forms, Invoices, Receipts for Small and Home Businesses



Service Invoice (30.0 KiB)-  Show the cost breakdown to customers for a completed job with this service invoice form.

Customer Invoice X2 (18.5 KiB)-  Simple sales receipt template ideal for small and home businesses.

Sales Order Form (15.0 KiB)-  Simple sales order form template for small and home businesses.

Purchase Order Form From Vendor (24.0 KiB)- Businesses can use this purchase order form template to send to vendors.

Purchase Order From Customer To Vendor (25.0 KiB)- Vendors can use this purchase order template to send to customers for repeat orders.

Sales Receipt (28.0 KiB)- Easy-to-use customer invoice for small and home businesses.

Customer Invoice (20.5 KiB)- Another simple template for a customer invoice.

Business Letter Examples and Templates

Business Letter Template (2) (13.5 KiB)- This formal business letter template is a standard form that can be used for your written business communications. There is also a place to add a your company’s logo.

Letter Thanking New Customer (13.0 KiB)- Use this business letter to thank new customers for patronizing your business.

Letter In Response To Accounting Error (11.5 KiB)- This letter informs a customer that an accounting error in the customer’s favor has been discovered and that corrective action is being taken.

Returned Check Notice (12.0 KiB)- Send this returned check notice out to customers when their checks bounce.

Account Past Due Letter (14.0 KiB)- Send this letter to customers with overdue accounts.

Demand For Payment Letter (13.5 KiB)- This is a follow-up letter to a customer who’s account is past due and who has already received a preliminary collection letter.

Rejection Of Extended Payment Request (13.0 KiB)- Use this letter to reject a customer’s request for an extended billing period.

Notice Of Deliveries Held Due To Nonpayment (12.0 KiB)-  Use this letter to inform a customer that further deliveries will be halted until full payment of an outstanding balance is received.

Final Demand For Payment (14.0 KiB)- This is the final letter to send out in a business collection strategy to recover an outstanding customer debt.

Office Management Documents and Templates



Fax Cover Sheet (11.5 KiB)- A simple form to use when sending a fax.

Phone Memo (12.0 KiB)-  A simple form for recording phone messages.

Memo (11.5 KiB)- A simple form for recording memos within your business.

Meeting Agenda (34.5 KiB)- A simple, clean template to write down your meeting agendas.

Meeting Minutes (38.7 KiB)- Record meeting minutes and meeting agenda summary.

Miscellaneous Documents and Templates for Small and Home Businesses



Partnership Agreement (28.0 KiB)- This free partnership agreement is an example for reference only. Please make an effort to consult with a qualified professional if you need this form for your business.

7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success- An overview of the Duct Tape small business marketing system, by marketing expert John Jantsch

Business Plan for an Established Business- Courtesy of SCORE. Includes helpful instructions and definitions

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this collection of free business forms, documents, and templates for entrepreneurs,  and small and home-based business owners, please let me know.

Disclaimer: I’m not a certified legal or financial professional. “Frugality” does not mean you skimp in those areas where a qualified professional, such as an attorney or CPA should be consulted. The small business tips, small business resources, and other information on this site including this collection of free business documents, templates, and forms are for educational purposes; they are meant to get you started in the right direction; but it’s up to you to do the appropiate research.