Guest Post

Since I officially started accepting guest post submissions on The Frugal Entrepreneur Small Business Blog, I’ve received a steady stream of submission requests- some of them have been excellent, but many others I have to decline. If you would like to submit a post for consideration, here are a few points you should keep in mind:


What am I looking for?

Most of the posts on The Frugal Entrepreneur are practical (though I tend to add “opinion pieces” from time to time.) Acceptable guest posts should offer money-saving tips, resources, or other insights on running a small or home-based business. I am particularly interested in posts related to starting and managing specific kinds of small businesses, such as a craft shop or an online store, and the more you can add your personal story to the post, the better.


Which submissions will be rejected outright?

Save my time and yours… Please no spun, spammy, or overly promotional pieces! You can write about a topic that has been covered on other sites, but for the post to be included here it has to be thorough and useful to my readers at a level that surpasses the standard cookie-cutter writing found elsewhere. I am also picky when it comes to the quality of the writing itself. If you don’t make the effort to do a spell and grammar check before submitting the piece, then I won’t make the effort to consider it. Finally, submissions should be unique and exclusive to The Frugal Entrepreneur; posts that have been published elsewhere will not be accepted.


How long should a guest post submission be?

I don’t typically accept posts that are less than 700 words. Most posts on this site tend to be between 700 to 1200 words long.


Will I link to your site?

You can include a 2 to 3 sentence author’s bio at the end of your post that will include up to two links back to your site. But, note that I may reject your post if the links are to a site of low quality or they are unrelated to the topic of the post.


What are some examples of accepted guest posts?

Here are two examples of acceptable guest post submissions:


When will your submission be published?

I am a very busy person, and I may not be able to let you know if a post was rejected. I know this may be frustrating if you are waiting to hear back. But if your post is accepted, I will let you know within 7 days and will tell you when it will be published.

***Please note: I reserve the right to edit your post so that it fits the tone of this site, and I offer no monetary compensation for published submissions

On a rare occasion, I will consider a sponsored post.