How Your Small Business Can Profit from Your Unhappy Customers

Dealing with upset customers

As small business owners it is easy to find ourselves obsessing about customer satisfaction and positive brand awareness. After all, the opinions that customers form about our products and services can significantly impact sales. We hear from experts (and tell ourselves) that these good vibes are all the more crucial now that businesses from all [...]

Frugal Business Travel Tips and Resources for The Thrifty Road Warrior

How to get cheap airfare on businesstrips

These days, business travel is big business, and it’s why many hotels and airlines seem to be bending over backwards to provide their big corporate clientele with the best service. But frugal entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be proactive if they want to get the greatest savings and value for their money. While many [...]

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Get Free PR Out of a Chamber of Commerce Membership

Benefits of Chamber of Commerce Membership

There are many benefits to being a part of your local Chamber of Commerce, but did you know that it is also a source of free publicity? Effectively promoting your business can be tricky and expensive- especially if you are just starting out. But, if you know how to leverage your Chamber membership, you can [...]