How to Include Self-Employment & Freelance Work on Your Resume & Cover Letter

from self employed to dream employed

With the unemployment rate still soaring throughout America, many recent college graduates in addition to seasoned professionals have turned to entrepreneurial pursuits and freelance positions. Even of those who still have a job, running a “gig” on the side is pretty common these days. But this raises a question: how do you convey your entrepreneurial […]

How I Turned My Hobby into a Virtual Buzz Assistant Business

Tanya Veilluex, Virtual Buzz Assistant Business, Ypsilanti Michigan

Back in 2008 I started my own “Virtual Buzz Assistant” business without even knowing it! I was marketing and promoting something I was especially excited about. My city, Ypsilanti Michigan. Jump forward to the present. What started out as a hobby promoting my community’s business’s, organizations, and events is now my main source of income. Clients […]