5 Cloud-Based Tools That Are Small Business Game Changers


Being a frugal entrepreneur does not mean being cheap. It has everything to do with being smart about how money gets spent. It’s not about doing without; it is about using the best tools available to get the job done and being able to avoid spending a small fortune. Fortunately, today’s small business owner lives [...]

6 Essential Tax Strategies for Small Business Owners


Managing the front-end of a business is time consuming and often, it causes the back end to take a back seat. However, managing your money in smart and thoughtful ways can save you a small bundle every year. If you simply commit to keeping organized, these six tax strategies will help you make the most [...]

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Product Marketing

Using Promotional Gifts in Your Business

If you have decided to use promotional products as part of your small business’ marketing strategy, there may be several questions running through your mind: Are my products relevant to my target demographic? How will I ensure even distribution and loyalty across all clients? What color should they be? But perhaps the most important challenge [...]