The Durbin Amendment Duplicity: Your Credit Card Processor Can Snatch Your Savings!

credit card swipe Credit Card Processor Can Snatch Your Savings!

A year ago, the Federal Reserve Board agreed to dramatically lower the fee that banks can charge businesses to accept debit cards. However, the new law which goes into effect on October 1st, has a loophole that allows credit card processors to intercept the savings intended for small businesses. Some Background on the Durbin Amendment […]

Frugal Small Business Start-up Tips: Step 9- Hiring Your First Employee

Deciding to hire your first permanent employee can be an exciting new step for your small business. But if you have already looked into the hiring process that excitement may quickly give way to overwhelm. This post is a compass to help you wade through all the steps and considerations. The Frugal Small Business Start-up Series has […]

Frugal Small Business Startup Tips: Step 8-Set Up an Accounting System in the New Business

The creative, idealistic, and passionate world of entrepreneurship often leaves little room for mundane things like accounting. But how you go about arranging and maintaining your financial records will set the tone for how your business operates and help you avoid future headaches and expenses. The Frugal Small Business Start-up Series has been updated and combined into […]