Using Personal Assets to Fund Your Business


Launching a new business almost always carries some element of risk, but when personal assets are being used to finance the business, the risk factor can increase dramatically. With credit markets currently at a virtual standstill, tapping your personal assets to fund your business may seem like a quick and easy way to access the […]

Why Separate Business Credit from Your Personal Credit?


Inevitably at some point, even the most frugal of business owners will find themselves having to borrow money to fund their business’ operations or growth. When it comes to business finance, especially via “traditional” sources, such as bank lenders, creating and maintaining a strong business credit profile is a must. For that reason it is […]

How to Start a Business in Your Closet


While working from home may come with numerous benefits- especially for the frugal entrepreneur-trying to find a suitable space for a home office can be frustrating. Ideally, such a space would not encroach on family living quarters, like the kitchen, the living room, or an occupied bed room, and it would be a separate area […]