Icebreaker Won’t Wrap You In Plastic


When people think New Zealand they think Lord of the Rings.  And that’s fair.  I mean, when people think of Switzerland they probably think of a couple of things before IKEA.  The point is that New Zealand is the home to today’s entrepreneurial success story, one Jeremy Moon. Moon is the founder of the outdoor clothing line Icebreaker, which makes its coats from wool.  Particularly Moon insists on merino wool, which refers to the type of sheep.  The first time Moon got a load of this kind of … [Continue reading]

The eBay Millionaire Whiz Kids


The globalization of the internet brought along with it a tidal wave of business possibilities, creating innumerable opportunities for savvy entrepreneurial types to benefit from. The doors of international trade were blown off their hinges, and … [Continue reading]