What Is The Best Way To Avail Freebies?

They say there are no free lunches in the world.

That probably might not be so true after all, provided you have the right coupon code. In the present scenario, the samples, coupons, and giveaways are our biggest lifelines in the sense that these are key to a budgeted living.

The most unnerving part is these coupons are extremely rare, and so are the freebies. Since everybody loves good giveaways, it is equally important to ensure that the freebies you get are not just random cheap products of subpar quality.

These days a lot of sites operate on the areas of free samples and other giveaways and freebies. These web-based platforms ensure that the products you get are of the highest quality and branded companies. In this sense, the best web-based platforms can also provide you with a whole lot of Canadian Free Stuff!

What are the benefits of freebies and free samples?

If there is a new product you would want to try or something you want to experiment with but not spend a lot, freebies are the best way to do so. Why? Because giveaways are flexible and can be used for understanding the inherent need of a product. This is the main reason why most people seek free stuff online.

Apart from this, the other advantage is that of drawing an experience. Experience in handling a product or service in most cases is responsible for the purchase of products. This is the reason why companies stress giveaways and other freebies.

Why Would Companies and Brands Give Out Freebies?

Brands and companies give out freebies to attract clientele. Freebies and giveaways work wonders when it comes to ensuring customers and building up sales volume. This is because customers are always attracted to brands that are vying for their loyalty. Freebies are the best way to reach a customer and tell them more about the brands.

Giveaway samples are also excellent tools for relationship building and other branding exercises. By handing over freebies, brands can inspire trust and confidence in the people. This way, they can make and achieve a greater client base and can inspire brand loyalty amongst the existing customers. As a brand-building exercise, this building of brand loyalty ensures that brand recognition is better.

Companies also sometimes tend to roll out newer freebies if they launch a new product or service and gauge customer response. This way, they can ensure that people gradually warm up to the product's idea and receive it well.

Be that as it may, ultimately, all love freebies and samples. However, as responsible consumers, it is essential that you similarly scrutinize the product as if it is owned and bought. This will ensure that the product is beneficial and not detrimental to you in any manner.

How Are Freebies Value For Your Money?

Firstly, it is important to realize that freebies as a marketing tool begins and ends with counterintuitive expectations, in a vicious cycle. How? By creating expectations in the minds of the ordinary consumer.

For instance, if a company manufactures a product and wants to gauge public response to it, in a sample survey, before launching it in the market, then such a product will most certainly be a giveaway.

On the other hand, the average consumer who is using these freebies now has two experiences: one is owning a product without additional cost, and the other about enjoying or benefitting from the product. Given the past results of the freebie handed over to consumers, expectations are created from the brand and vice versa.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the simple cost-benefit analysis of a freebie is such that there is little or no cost incurred by you but plenty of benefits. Therefore, freebies are always worth your money and time.

Another reason why freebies can be considered worthwhile is contained in the initial experience of using the product. In this scenario, if the product or service you have been given as a free giveaway appeals to you, then in such a circumstance, there is nothing to restrict or limit the next best purchase. The term next best purchase is an economic term. If a consumer is satisfied with a commodity at the inception, this satisfaction will motivate them to keep purchasing such a product.

For brands, this is a beneficial scenario because it promotes sales. But what is more important is that despite the cost incurred in purchasing the product, its utility is still not only justified but also valued time and again. It is due to these circumstances that consumers come to rely on a brand and want to stick to it. This is what, in short, drives brand loyalties.

How Can Customers Avail The Benefits of The Freebie Culture?

It is important to consider the roles and responsibilities of platforms that sell Canadian Free Stuff! That is because the more such web-based or app-based platforms are promoted, the more companies are likely to put up their advertisements and other banners for promotions and giveaways on such platforms.

These websites and other similar platforms form an essential link in communicating the 'likeability' factor to the brands and back to the consumer. Unless such platforms are promoted, the culture of giveaways and freebies might soon be obfuscated and may eventually fade away.
However, in the current situation, we see that the rise of the social media culture has created more such freebies.

As more and more brands associate themselves with influencers, so are more giveaways being used by these social media influencers to increase their followers. The ultimate beneficiary of it all – Brands!


The essential takeaways from this are that brands need to innovate and come up with newer interesting, and more engaging tools and techniques. The audience loves a good giveaway, but only if it is relevant to them. To ascertain that, brands must step down from their ivory towers and assess what people really want and care about. Strategies of communication and promotion will play an important role in this important assessment.