Using LegalZoom for LLC Formation: Is It Worth It?

When starting a business such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), choosing a reliable organization to help you is crucial.

Being in the biz for a long time, LegalZoom aims to restructure the legal industry by providing simple, cost-effective, and elevated services. This software is a one-stop-shop for every business owner in the biz for a long time, even for startups.

But the question is, is it worth it? This quick review would cover almost anything you want to know about LegalZoom’s value, service quality, integrated functionality, professional critics, and flexibility of use.

Track Record

Being in the market for almost two decades, LegalZoom has assisted over 4 million entrepreneurs to form their LLC. They’re one of the longest-standing business formation services out there. With its reputation, no wonder that LegalZoom has garnered good reviews worldwide, from some of the most sought-after companies to small businesses.

Price Plans

The basic plan LegalZoom offers costs $79, and it provides completed LLC paperwork and documentation, a certificate of organization, and even step-by-step instructions to review your LLC documents.

This plan is worth $329. In addition to offers with the Economy, this plan includes lifetime customer support, deluxe organizer, personalized company membership certificates, LegalZoom VIP processing, and express shipping.

Express Gold
You can avail of this plan at $349. Including all the features mentioned above, the Express Gold plan includes prioritized and rush processing in the Secretary of State’s office and expedited delivery.

Ease of use

Based on our experience and the testimonials of other business owners, LLC formation with LegalZoom is very easy – which is, of course, what you want from a service like this.

It will take no more than 20 minutes to complete your transaction. When you’re unable to accomplish an order in one session, LegalZoom will send you a link to your saved responses, allowing you to finish your LLC formation order later.

Other perks

Suppose you need to get your LLC up and operating immediately but don’t live by the State Secretary’s office. In that case, LegalZoom also has a carrier nearby that can apply the urgent application then get the forms handled faster.

And as you can tell by the name, the advantage of LegalZoom over its competitors is that it offers a certain scope of legal services for your business as well. If you need attorney advice, LegalZoom can help you access that with ease.

Compared to its competitors, LegalZoom offers a variety of helpful additional features. This offer is indeed worth the price, especially to those individuals who require immediate action without compromising its quality.


Overall, LegalZoom provides a well-rounded business formation service for entrepreneurs. That being said, LegalZoom is still not a suitable replacement for legal counsel and cannot have the same level of defense as a licensed business solicitor. However, with LegalZoom’s reputation and reviews, you can guarantee that the company can surely deliver.

LLC formation with LegalZoom will almost certainly relieve potential business owners a lot of time and money to deal with all the paperwork of starting a business. With its undeniable experience and satisfactory services, getting your business off the ground will be easier.