The Invcenter – Review

We all dream of being rich and having a good life but minus the extra hard work.

What if there was a way to earn money without going through the struggles of a 9 to 5 job?
Well, there are ways to earn money like that but they come with a catch. You cannot just expect to earn money without doing anything, it goes two ways. You give and take. Investments in Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, etc are all some ways in which you can earn profits in bulk if you play your cards correctly. But not every website, broker, or trader you invest your money with, is thinking of you.
They can be scammers, ready to wolf down your hard-earned money and disappear into thin air. For your safety and convenience, I’m here to review one such shady website, known as The Invcenter.

What is The invcenter?

Invcenter is one of the many online websites offering offshore Forex Brokerage for the European markets assisting with trading products. The website is owned and operated by an SVG-based company, News Traders LTD, located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a place popular for shady brokerage.
The website claims to be regulated but fails to provide the name of its agency.

The moment you visit the website, you will be asked to Sign Up with them and choose the type of account that you’d wish to use. These include a Mini, Silver, Gold, and Platinum account. It provides professional assistance on Online Trading, giving you access to all the knowledge required with a promise of 24/6 Customer Support and a secure environment providing you the Best Trading Experience. However, the website fails to provide any of the above-mentioned things.

The Warning Signs –

  1. The Invcenter doesn’t provide the MetaTrader 4 trading platform which is a great disadvantage for traders.
  1. There are no Price Indications which means that you cannot use your choice of account depending on the Price Factor.
  1. You will be required to work on your trades through Crypto Trading Bots since there is no automation involved.
  1. Invcenter is not regulated neither Licensed which makes their service claims and offers as a violation of regulations. This is why the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom issued a warning against them.
  1. There have been a lot of genuine complaints and reviews on the cases of Abusive Behaviour, Extortion of Money, Refusal of Funds and Claims regarding the Brokers and their relationship with their clients. Many of them refer to these Brokers as money-minded and downright inhumane people who prey on the old and vulnerable to extort money.
  1. Complaints on unethical activities including Freezing of Accounts, Preventions on Withdrawals, Aggressive Sales, Locking Accounts, Unauthorized Withdrawals, Lack of Communication, and many other things of concern have been registered against the Website more than once.

Final Words

It is true that we would all like to make some extra bucks but as you’ve seen, not everything you see around you comes for free or without any twists. It is very important for you to always be aware of Scammers and False Online Websites that can rob you off of your money, without any trace.

Please make sure to do your research before investing in an Online Trading Website, even if they look legitimate and offer amazing claims and reviews. Double-checking is the key to a safe and secure investment so please be wary. I hope my review helps you through your next investment and you pay extra attention to the Warning Signs of a Potential Scam.